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is the time for current affairs critic Koh Hyun-jun to deliver just the news of the topic.

What was the first news today (24th)?

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dizzying scene was captured, and two Arctic explorers who were climbing a giant iceberg were caught turning over and being sucked into the cold waters.

Arctic explorers Mike Horn and Fred Rue sailed through the waters between the Arctic and Norway, found a five-story iceberg in a leisurely building, got off the ship, crossed over to the iceberg, and began climbing with a hatchet cutting the ice.

But soon after, the iceberg began to tilt in the direction of two people, and then it turned completely over.

The two fell into the water of -2 degrees below zero, but as they were pushed by the waves, they moved away from the iceberg and avoided colliding with the other iceberg.

It was said that it was a dangerous moment that could cost you your life if you were hit hard by an iceberg or crushed by weight and sank under the cold sea.

On the 4th, Mike Horn, a veteran explorer with 30 years experience, posted a dizzying accident on his YouTube channel.

Experts also warned that mistakes can be made, and that the accident teaches lessons on what not to do in the Arctic.

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sea ​​water of -2 degrees Celsius is really unimaginable, right?

Please give us the next news.

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A detection dog that catches drugs or explosives hidden in a traveler's bag at the airport has been tested in Finland to see if it can screen even corona 19 confirmed cases.

Helsinki Airport, Finland, announced on the 22nd local time that it will begin testing corona19 detection using dog's sense of smell.

When a passenger who agreed to participate in the experiment wipes sweat off his neck and submits it at the arrival hall, the detection dog uses this sample to find out if he has been infected with Corona 19.

Test passengers should also undergo a corona 19 diagnostic test to ensure that the detection dog properly identified the corona 19 confirmed person.

Earlier, last summer, at Dubai Airport in the UAE, passengers were picked at random, collected sweat, and then analyzed by a detection dog.

Researchers explained that changes in human health also affect body odor, which dogs can detect by smell. In fact, dogs abroad are sometimes used to detect cancer.

However, some have pointed out that it will be difficult to inject detection dogs on a large scale, considering the large cost and time required to train dogs.

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dog's sense of smell is really phenomenal since it's actually used and not used, let's deliver the next news.

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A smoker's writing that announced that he would smoke confidently in a situation where there is no end of conflict due to the smoking issue in an apartment is hitting a lot.

It's a picture that was uploaded to an online community yesterday, and it's a note on an apartment elevator.

It says, "I'll smoke on the veranda, so if you smell it, close the window for a while and refrain from filing a complaint."

The author who posted the photo asked if there was any other method other than complaints, saying that the smell spreads very far because it is a corridor-style apartment with about 20 units per floor.

Most of the netizens who saw the photos were embarrassed and said, "It's selfish. If you want to live comfortably by yourself, move to a house." In fact, recently, smoking inside the house, such as the veranda and toilet, is the cause of conflict between apartment residents as much as the noise between floors. Is becoming.

According to the Apartment House Management Act, tenants of apartment houses should make efforts to avoid harming other residents by smoking inside the house, such as balconies or toilets.

However, since this is only a recommendation, there are voices that it is urgent to prepare realistic measures.


Cigarettes that I buy for my money aren't wrong or wrong, but the place should be covered.