China News Service, Hohhot, September 19 (Reporter Zhang Wei) On the 19th, the reporter learned from the 120 Emergency Command Center in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, that Hohhot has established the first "Children Exclusive 120". The first aid station will be dedicated to Hohhot and even Inner Mongolia. Services for children throughout the district.

  The reporter learned that the "Child Exclusive 120" can not only meet the emergency needs of newborns younger than 28 days, but also meet the emergency needs of children younger than 18 years old with severe illness.

Among them, rescue equipment for newborns mainly includes incubators, non-invasive respirators, monitors, etc.; rescue equipment for critically ill children also includes tracheal intubation ventilators, defibrillators, and monitors.

Moreover, the ambulance is equipped with different rescue power supplies, oxygen sources and various first aid auxiliary consumables, which can meet the needs of long-term and long-distance transportation.

  The Inner Mongolia Maternity and Child Health Hospital is the only Class-A hospital in Inner Mongolia that integrates women, children, health care, medical treatment, scientific research and other fields, and undertakes the transfer and treatment of the "child-only 120".

  Xi Yanhua, director of the Hohhot 120 Medical Emergency Command Center, said that Hohhot's need for the treatment of newborns and children is limited by specialized medical conditions, and the existing pre-hospital emergency resources cannot be met.

The launch of "Children's 120" fills the gap of first aid before the Pediatric Hospital in Hohhot.