• Monesterio.The Civil Guard searches the house of Manuela Chavero, who disappeared 4 years ago

  • Newspaper archive The search for Manuela Chavero ends unsuccessfully

Agents of the

UCO of the Civil Guard



a neighbor of

Monesterio (Badajoz)

late at night this Thursday

related to the disappearance of Manuela Chavero, a woman of whom there is no news since the dawn of the 4 as of July 5, 2016.

Although the proceedings are under summary secrecy,

EL MUNDO has been able to confirm

that the detainee is a neighbor who lives on the

same street

where Manuela Chavero lived.

This is a

28-year-old man,

whose home is very close to that of the woman and who



been searched

by several agents at the time of arrest in an operation where numerous agents have been deployed for several hours .

The Civil Guard had been following the trail of this suspect

for months

and in recent days had advanced in the investigations, tightening the fence of the now detained after a sister of the disappeared had received an

anonymous letter

where the now was listed as a suspect. arrested.

The UCO had recently registered again Manuela Chavero's own home, specifically on August 27, as well as some areas of Monesterio with the aim of finding new evidence.

The last time Manuela Chavero was seen was on the night

of July 4, 2016,

when she was with a friend, who was the last person to see her.

Later he returned to his home, on the outskirts of Monesterio, in the

La Noria Urbanization,

and there he lost his trail.

The next day, his relatives found nothing forced into the house and on his bed were the pants he had worn the day before.

The light in the living room and kitchen were on, as was the television.

His wallet and mobile phone were also located at the house.

In the process of marital separation when she disappeared, Manuela Chavero has two children, ages 14 and 6, who are with their father in

Las Pajanosas (Seville)

when their mother disappeared.

Since her disappearance more than four years ago, several raids have been carried out to find any trace of the woman, among them those organized by the

QSDglobal Foundation,

led by journalist

Paco Lobatón,

with the participation of almost

400 volunteers,

many of them neighbors. who have traveled river beds, ravines, roads and even the Civil Guard has examined the waters of

the Tentudía reservoir,

in no case with positive results that will help solve the case.

There have also been several rallies in the town to demand greater means in order to try to solve the case and not be forgotten.

Manuela Chavero was one of the many people who disappeared in 2016. Her trail was lost between July 4 and 5, and although her case was in the media, it was overshadowed by that of Diana Quer, who was kidnapped and murdered by

José Enrique Abuín.


El Chicle

a month and a half later, on August 22.

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SpainThe Civil Guard searches the house of Manuela Chavero, who disappeared 4 years ago

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