Successful surfing over 22m Brazilian woman breaks Guinness World Records September 15 4:44

A Brazilian female surfer succeeded in a huge surfing over 22 meters high, breaking the Guinness World Records for "the world's largest surfing woman".

Brazilian surfer Maya Gabeira, 33, succeeded in a huge surf at the World Championships in Nazaré, a Portuguese town facing the Atlantic Ocean, in February.

When American universities and research institutes analyzed the images and made precise measurements, the height of the waves was confirmed to be 22.4 meters, and this time it was certified as the Guinness World Record for "the world's largest woman riding a wave". it was done.

The video shows Mr. Gabera riding the waves passing through the huge wall-like waves approaching behind him without losing his posture.

The record of 22.4 meters in height broke his world record of 1.7 meters in 2018, and he commented on SNS, "I didn't expect this to happen. It's like a dream." doing.