• Bolivia: Controversy over the death of Evo Morales' sister from coronavirus

"Evo, president of the Movement Toward Socialism (MAS), campaign manager, with eight processes, what other processes will there still be? I do not share the use of comrades in political matters." The former Bolivian president has reacted in this way, after a week of silence and a lot of pressure, to the accusation of rape, trafficking and smuggling of persons that the Public Ministry has made against him.

An accusation pushed from the provisional government of Jeanine Áñez and that adds to the previous ones of terrorism and sedition. The Prosecutor's Office is investigating the relationship of the indigenous leader with Noemí M., 19, his current sentimental partner , who accompanies him in exile. Despite the fact that they met in 2016, when the girl was a minor, in her statements Noemí has ​​assured that the sentimental relationship is from this same year.

As Evo ventured in his proclamations yesterday to the radio friend Kawsachun Coca, that complaint was not going to be the last. Guido Melgar , Deputy Minister of Transparency and who leads the investigations against Morales within the Government, announced today that a second rape complaint has been filed against the leader of the indigenous revolution. The events took place in 2015, when the then president allegedly had relations with a girl under 15 years old, who would have become pregnant and gave birth the following year.

"The minor exists, the mother exists and the minor has Juan Evo Morales Ayma as his registered father , " said Melgar. The former president, who remains single, has two recognized children of different mothers. His love affairs were already controversial during his tenure, even he himself wanted to defend himself against the new complaints, in his statements to Kawsachun Coca radio, alluding that in the past he had also been accused of making a 55-year-old woman pregnant.

Morales accuses the interim government of having mounted a witch hunt against the MAS leaders. "Only in Cochabamba there must be about 40 arrest warrants, that is the fear they have of us," he defended himself.

The latest attacks have also splattered his former minister Luis Arce , presidential candidate of the indigenous revolution, after publishing a photograph with Morales and Noemí N. "I did not know or know the young lady. The MAS has nothing to do with this. There you see the political intentionality, so that it splashes us, "criticized Arce, who remains at the forefront of the polls for the first round of October, but who would lose in the November ballot against the centrist Carlos Mesa, according to the same polls.

The investigation into the Noemí case has had a full impact on the campaign. In her statements, the young woman has tried to protect Morales. "He has been my boyfriend since May 24, 2020. Before he was my friend, but we had a different treatment with him," the girl told the Special Force to Fight Crime. The Police obtained the photographs of Noemí N with Evo Morales, who support the accusation, by chance during an intervention that had nothing to do with the matter.

The young woman, who was with Evo in Mexico last year, explained that she did it during her vacations. But the newspaper El Deber has also documented other vacation trips, such as in February to Usuhuaia, in Tierra del Fuego, where they traveled in separate seats "to prevent Evo from attracting attention traveling alone with a young woman."

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