August 14, 2020 Virginia Raggi will be able to reapply as mayor of Rome. This was established by the online vote on the Rousseau platform of the militants of the 5 Star Movement. 39235 votes (80.1 percent) in favor of the second term for the former Roman lawyer. Instead, there were 9740 votes against (19.9%). A total of 48 975 eligible voters took part in the two votes, expressing a total of 97 685 preferences. 

The voting ended at 12 today concerned two preferences: the first, the approval or not of the so-called 'zero mandate' for municipal councilors and, the second, on the alliances of the 5 Star Movement lists at the municipal level with other parties and acronyms. 

The vote on the Rousseau platform could ensure both the mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, but also that of Turin, Chiara Appendino, a new mandate as first citizens, in case
of re-election, or even in another role of opposition in case of defeat. .

In particular, for the so-called zero mandate, the Blog delle Stelle clarifies that "it proposes to modify the zero mandate in the following way: a member can consider the first and / or only mandate as municipal / municipal councilor and / or as Municipal President as null for the purpose of counting the two mandates. In addition, a municipal councilor in office may decide to run for any elective office and interrupt the municipal mandate in case of election.

Questions to answer:
For the councilors and / or town hall presidents of a majority group it is necessary that all the other councilors unanimously give their consent to the candidacy ". The questions, voted by the members from yesterday to 12 today, were the following:

"Do you agree to commit the Political Chief and the Guarantee Committee to modify the so-called zero mandate, excluding the limit of 2 elective mandates from the count, a mandate as city councilor, municipal councilor and / or city hall president? ".

And again: "Do you agree with the Political Chief's proposal to evaluate, after consulting the Guarantee Committee, the possibility of alliances for administrative elections, as well as with civic lists, even with traditional parties?".

"Two very significant questions for the choices that the 5 Star Movement will have to make for the future. We have changed in recent years and we will continue to do so, measuring ourselves with the evolving reality. This means knowing how to question, mature, grow, learn from the mistakes made and write new pages ". Thus the President of the Chamber, Roberto Fico, on Facebook.

"Personally I am convinced that our municipal councilors are the backbone of the Movement. They face daily battles, are a constant reference in the territories and carry out intense and often complicated work with passion and attention to their community. Likewise our mayors have found themselves to face considerable challenges in difficult contexts. I believe that they should have the opportunity to reapply at the end of a mandate to conclude the administrative experience and the projects started ". 

"In the same way, it is appropriate to reflect on dialogue and the hypothesis of alliances that can be established in the territories, as we have done at the national level in recent months. I believe it is necessary to provide for the possibility for locally certified lists of to deal constructively with other political forces, putting the future of our cities and the interest of the community in the foreground ", he concludes.