German energy company Uniper warns in its interim report that the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project may be delayed or not completed due to possible new US sanctions.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned in mid-July that sanctions could be considered for project participants.

Uniper says the company is working to complete the project. Uniper points out that Nord Stream 2 has the support of the EU and several countries behind it.

The disputed gas pipeline runs from the bottom of the Baltic Sea from Russia to Germany, largely following the guidelines of the existing Nord Stream 1 pipeline. The main owner of the pipes is the Russian Gazprom, but there are also German energy companies, including Uniper.

The company says it is still in contact with the US authorities.

In the risk section of the interim report, Uniper acknowledges that the company will have to write down if the project fails. Uniper has borrowed the construction of the pipeline.

The Finnish Fortum owns more than 70 percent of Uniper.

Germany has condemned the sanctions

The United States has opposed the construction of the pipeline because it sees it as increasing Russia's economic and political influence in Europe too much. The Baltic countries and Poland are also opposed to the project.

Previous U.S. sanctions halted construction work on the pipeline in Danish waters in December. However, Denmark recently accepted an exemption allowing construction to continue.

Swiss Allseas said at the end of last year that it had suspended all activities related to the construction of the pipeline.

Germany has condemned U.S. sanctions and sees them as interference in its internal affairs.