Lebanese protesters missed a child, who had been participating in protests against the government and banking policies, before leaving, succumbed to her injuries in the Beirut port explosion last Tuesday.

On the communication platforms, Lebanese mourned the child Alexandra Najjar, the "butterfly of Beirut," and the youngest victims of the Beirut earthquake.

And "Alexandra" was one of the most prominent participants in the previous protests in Beirut, and she appeared to be missing during the demonstrations yesterday.

For his part, Paul Najjar (Alexandra's father) said that she received a strong blow to the head inside the house, as a result of the force of the explosion that threw him to the ground.

In video statements, he addressed the officials, saying, "You were criminals, what you have done is a crime against our family. You killed us inside our house, in place of what we must be safe."

He also sent a message of unification to the Lebanese people, asking that the death of his daughter not go without a trace, and that the people should unite without differences or sectarianism.

This video of the martyr Angel Alexandra Najjar, the youngest martyr in the port of Beirut, sings for peace and childhood, may God have mercy on her and dwell in a spacious paradise, a bird in paradise ♥ ️ # Alexandra_Najjar # The Port_Beirut explosion # Beirut_ stricken pic.twitter.com/ckvs8Xrq4u

- jihane_sy (@jiji__mass) August 8, 2020

After you, we will not be silent, Alexandra, otherwise we will be complicit in the heinous crime that has become
Because of your blood, my little girl, and for the blood of the martyrs. pic.twitter.com/mUIG7FNp0T

- Diana Haddad 🕊 (@DianaHaddad) August 8, 2020

# Good morning, what is her guilt? Is the innocent child dying Karmal? May God have mercy on her. We have to take her right and the right of everyone who follows they died.

- pascale machalani (@pascalbachalani) August 8, 2020

Martyr of Lebanon and Childhood Alexandra pic.twitter.com/h5VlOOBYhE

- Walid Toufic (@WalidToufic) August 8, 2020

She is 3 and a half years old! 💔
Her name is Alexandra Carpenter.
She died of her wounds in the explosion. # Have mercy on God # Black Days # Lebanon pic.twitter.com/xNMJVAkGAK

- Nishan (@Neshan) August 7, 2020

Human dignity is when you listen to and obey your heart. Paul Najjar, father of the child Alexandra, who tears our hearts, you have proven tonight that love builds societies and that nobility, even in the heart of tragedy, rises above everything. Tonight I said out loud and reminded officials how low and small they are. We bow to you and your great sadness. #Lebanon__ rising up

- Ricardo Karam (@RicardoRKaram) August 8, 2020

Only her dreams will not be graying #Alexandra_Najjar 💔

- Vera Yammine (@VeraYammine) August 7, 2020

Hedayk the time came to "Alexandra" with us, Hedi the time, descending her sand! # We prayed from you pic.twitter.com/b9d2RCznq2

- Michel Chamoun (@Michelshamoun) August 8, 2020

What a picture of the child Alexandra Najjar from Bali goes. She was 3 years old and was killed in the # Beirut_port_explosion ... What was her fault? How do its people bear this pain ?! You look like an angel from the heavens. May God help her parents 🙏🏻 # Lebanon # Beirut_ stricken pic.twitter.com/CtjRjq17xb

- Rima Maktabi (@rimamaktabi) August 8, 2020

Alexandra, the sweet woman, was all singing for the homeland ... but the nation betrayed her, and the criminals in the country stole her life ... # Saturday_All_Yards pic.twitter.com/EbiyRL2Pvj

- alia awada (@AlyaAwada) August 8, 2020

O life of my heart, what is your sin, you are a victim of a failed state, dropping yourself in the sky # Childhood martyr on the altar of the homeland # Alexandra_Nagar pic.twitter.com/jBh9y4h1yp

- Youssef Bou Mjahed (@mjahed_bou) August 8, 2020