Huawei executives in China have difficulty in procuring semiconductors due to US regulatory measures 5:15 on August 8

Chinese telecommunications equipment giant Huawei executives said they would find it difficult to procure high-performance semiconductors from mid-September due to US regulatory measures, and a new 5G smartphone The impact on the future business such as production of will be noticed.

In May this year, the US government announced a regulatory measure banning the sale of semiconductors made with US-made manufacturing equipment to Huawei after mid-month next month, even if they were manufactured overseas.

In response to this, Taiwan's semiconductor giant "TSMC", which has received orders for most of the semiconductors used by Huawei's smartphones, has indicated that it will stop shipping to Huawei last month.

Meanwhile, according to Chinese media, Huawei's Consumer Business Division's Yoo CEO CEO said that it will be difficult to procure high-performance semiconductors from the middle of next month at an event held in Shenzhen on the 7th. It is said that it showed.

In the future, Huawei is considering transferring the procurement source to a Chinese company, but it is said that the technical level is not as high as TSMC, and the impact on future business such as the production of "5G" smartphones will be noted. ..

(* "Sen" is the soil river)