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It is time for the current critic Gohyun Joon's news bulldog. Let's look at the first news.


first news of Go Hyun-jun/Critic Criticism This is a story from the United States, where hundreds of teenagers in the United States occupied an amusement park and rioted the police to investigate.

The commence began when local teenagers gathered over 400 teenagers at an amusement park in Tennessee, USA on the 25th.

Those who suddenly came in by sharing their cars, jumped over railings, climbed freely on rides, threw potted plants and set firecrackers to fight each other.

I didn't obey any anti-corona 19 protections like wearing a mask, but the amusement park decided to close to fix the chaotic situation, and they flocked to the ticket office and asked for a refund.

In the course of this, we also made a fuss by throwing metallic pincers to our employees and smashing plastic curtains.

Upon receiving the report, the police said they were trying to figure out who the teenagers who were struggling with the cooperation of the amusement park had issued a subpoena to a 13-year-old teenager who was identified.

The exact reason why more than 400 teenagers gathered at the amusement park at one time has not been determined.

From the

perspective of the <Anchor> amusement park, I think it would be really embarrassing, but I'm really curious who gathered people for this reason. What's next?

<Hyunjun Go/Critic critic>

This is the next news. If you like ceramics, it will be a very eye-catching news. The ceramics presented to the Gojong of Joseon by the French President 132 years ago will be revealed for the first time in Korea.

It is a very colorfully colored pottery. It is a white porcelain-colored vase called the'Salamina' bottle. It is a gift sent to the royal family of Joseon in commemoration of the Treaty of Patronage by the French President Sadi Carno in 1888 two years ago.

In response, Gojong cultivated friendship between the two countries by sending celadon bowls made in the 12th century, artificial ornaments made of wood and flowers, and a pair of flowers.

It is the first time that a Western country has presented a gift of diplomatic relations after the opening of the port and the Royal Family of Joseon sent a gift in return.

The National Palace Museum of the Cultural Heritage Administration is holding a special exhibition of Western ceramics used by the Joseon Dynasty from today (29th) to October 4th.

About 40 modern Western ceramics, which have never been released, including salamina bottles, will be displayed for the first time, and Western ceramics made in France, England, and Germany will also be exhibited.

These ceramics can be used to examine the transitional situation of the Joseon royal family in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The <Anchor>

exhibition seems to be located in the National Palace Museum and Gyeongbokgung Palace, but you can visit the museum. What's next?

<Hyunjun Go/Critic Review>

This is the last news today. Recently, there have been situations in which coffee brands have flickered so quickly that they are called the controversy of the gifts they give their customers.

However, the so-called repetition of those who received this gift and sold it with Udon money is controversial.

This gift bag, previously released by Starbucks, had a long queue at the store every morning, but it is still trading at 100,000 won on the Internet used trading site.

And yesterday, the storage box for camping, which Dunkin started pre-sale by bundling with donut vouchers, was sold out in an hour and a half.

Shortly after, there were hundreds of articles about buying and selling free gifts to various Internet communities, and the price, which was 10,000 won, soared to 40,000 won.

The controversy is growing even more because consumers who have missed the opportunity to buy because of recurrence are struggling with fraud that does not send items for money.

The sellers have decided to minimize recurrence by limiting the number of purchases per person and increasing the sales volume, but the effect will not be great.

It is also analyzed that the marketing of these free gifts by companies will continue, as it has become a topic online and sales are increasing due to various side effects.