The murder of two Egyptians working in Saudi Arabia by the employer sparked angry reactions on social media platforms, and prompted the Egyptian Minister of Immigration to comment and try to calm this anger.

According to the statement of the Egyptian Ministry of Immigration, the two Egyptian citizens, Adel Abdel-Imam Hussein, and Izz al-Din Muhammad Abdel-Shafi, from the city of Nag Hammadi (southern Egypt), were shot and killed by a Saudi citizen by a Saudi citizen.

The statement pointed out that the crime occurred after a sharp quarrel between the workers and the Saudi citizen while they were doing some work in the building owned by the latter.

Nabila Makram Abdel-Shahid, Minister of Immigration and Egyptians Abroad said that she was closely following the case, and confirmed that "the perpetrator confessed to the murder and surrendered to the Saudi authorities," noting that the two bodies had been held because of the continuing investigations.

The Minister called the Egyptians to "not be led by any unaudited news on social media," and said that "such incidents are issued by an individual and do not reflect the Saudi community, which deals with the Egyptians as brothers and sisters with historical ties."

On the other hand, the Egyptian community in Saudi Arabia published on Facebook said that the employer said, "he brought his weapon and hit from behind Monday insidious" and hit "every one of them with 3 shots in the back."

The news received an interaction between the Egyptians via social media, where commentators demanded justice for the two victims and denounced "cheap Egyptian blood" as they put it.

Unfortunately after the attack, an Egyptian worker in Kuwait today, in Saudi Arabia, Izz al-Din, and just from the people of the village of Al-Butha, Nagaa Hammadi, a dispute occurred between them and the owner of the Saudi workforce, and he started hitting them with fire. 8 pm Haaaaaash

- Merzbach's grandson ⚪️🇵🇸 (@ Merzbach1911) July 27, 2020

After the attack on the Egyptian in Kuwait
today in Saudi Arabia Izz al- Din and just sons Batha village of Nag Hammadi
got a dispute between them and the owner of the job kept beating them with fire
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Hikon Lina Haash and Hnaln for anti later pic.twitter .com / KPZIc8Ckol

- Dr / Roga EL Sawy🏹🇦🇹 (@ Elsawy_JFT20) July 27, 2020