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report on personnel hearings on the candidate for unification minister Lee In-young was adopted today (24th) amid opposition opposition.

The candidate said he would address the initiative of the unification ministry in North Korea's policy, especially the North Korean nuclear issue as an issue between North and South Korea.


One of the most eye-catching passages of the unification minister's remarks yesterday was that he will examine the North Korean nuclear issue as an inter-Korean issue.

[Lee In-young/Minister of Unification: It should be set as the area of ​​direct dialogue between the two Koreas regarding the North Korean nuclear issue... It is true that the part has been weakened recently, but I also need to strengthen and restore it.] It

was a way to answer the opposition lawmakers' point of view, but it was not just the North Korean nuclear issue that was left to the North American territory, but the inter-Korean relationship. It made it clear that we were going to discuss it as a matter.

It also touches the emphasis on the leadership of the Ministry of Unification in North Korea policy.

[Lee In-young / Candidate of the Minister of Unification: (North Korea nuclear issue) I'm only entrusted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, so I'm not going to leave it alone... .]

If we can resolve the inter-Korean deadlock, we have also expressed our willingness to play an active role, saying that we will not hesitate to envoy to Pyongyang.

North Korea has expressed expectations for past chairpersons such as Lee In-young and Lim Jong-suk through foreign propaganda media, but it is unlikely that the policy of South Korea will be changed with simple expectations.

North Korea's consistent position is that South Korea should be left out, especially when it comes to the nuclear issue.

For now, considering the uncertain North Korean relationship since the US presidential election, it seems to be the key to reach out to South Korea.

The ruling's hearing report was adopted by the ruling party today as members of the United Nations party, who had shown strong opposition to the ideological verification ceremony, were sent off.

(Video editing: Park Jeong-sam)