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  • A Lille woman was attacked and injured by a man in the Moulins district.
  • The alleged assailant is one of the many dealers in the area.
  • The victim decided to testify with his face uncovered in a video posted on YouTube.

Exasperation openly. Saturday evening, a woman was violently assaulted on her way home, in an HLM residence in the Moulins district, in Lille. The suspect, arrested since, is one of the many dealers who have transformed the place into a "lawless zone" known to all to be a hotbed of drug trafficking. The victim, who is called Cécile, has decided to openly testify to his exasperation in a video posted on YouTube.

It was from her hospital room at the Lille University Hospital that Cécile recorded her "appeal to the Lille authorities" on Sunday. The forties, singer and actress, speaks with difficulty because of a double fracture of the jaw resulting from the blows of her attacker. A gratuitous assault that took place on Saturday evening, while Cécile was returning to the apartment she occupies with her mother and daughter, residence of the Filature, in the district of Moulins.

Attacked "because I raised my voice"

"I got hit, assaulted by a drug dealer because I raised my voice following provocations", explains the mother of the family, adding that she was going to have to be operated on to have plaques installed, which she will keep singing "for a very long time." "

Like many residents of this neighborhood, whose daily life is parasitized by the continued presence of drug traffickers, Cécile is at its wit's end. Because the phenomenon is far from new. “I want to make an appeal to the public authorities, to Martine Aubry. Can you take stock of the gravity of the situation in the Lille-Moulins district from Porte d'Arras to Porte de Valenciennes, ”she asks. At the police headquarters, Cécile claims to live "in a lawless area", an area "in which a mafia governs, decides, acts, insults, dirties, provokes, harasses on a daily basis".

For their part, the authorities ensure that they regularly conduct raids and arrests in these neighborhoods. Which is indeed the case. However, and the town hall recognizes it, the trafficking is far from having been dismantled. It was also one of the challenges of the last municipal election which made Martine Aubry take a safe turn in her program. But for Cécile, "going once or twice a day" is clearly not enough where it would be necessary, according to her, "a perpetual surveillance. "

“I am angry and sad. No one has the right to act without respecting the other. I hope that I will be the last victim of this scourge ”, wishes Cécile. His alleged assailant, in his twenties, was arrested on Sunday. Placed in police custody, he had been formally identified by the victim. According to the Lille prosecutor's office, the man was referred this Tuesday morning for a judgment in immediate appearance for "willful violence" in the afternoon.


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