A woman whose nationality has been deprived of British court IS "should be admitted" July 17, 9:11

Five years ago, in a Syrian country in the Middle East, a British woman, who had joined the extremist organization IS = Islamic State, challenged the government's decision to deprive her citizenship. Therefore, the decision was made that women should be allowed to enter the United Kingdom.

Five years ago, Shami Ma Begham from England, who was a member of the extremist organization IS in Syria in the Middle East at the age of 15, wants to return to the UK, but in February last year, the British Interior Ministry was safe. For the above reasons, we have decided to strip the nationality.

Ms. Vegam had challenged the government's decision, but the Court of Appeal in the United Kingdom was unable to claim his complaint if he stayed in a refugee camp in Syria on the 16th. He made the decision that he should admit that he could not proceed.

The UK Home Office has decided to consider the appeal to the Supreme Court, saying it is very disappointed with the decision.

Regarding Mr. Vegam, there are some who view the participation in the IS as dangerous, and there were controversial opinions in Britain regarding whether or not to accept the desire to return to Japan.

International NGOs Call for governments to return

The IS has expanded its power by the participation of a large number of fighters from abroad, but this includes women who got married to the fighters after entering the field like Mr. Shamima Begum, ``IS Bride of "" and "Jihad = Bride of the Holy War".

The fighters' wives and children fled to a refugee camp in northern Syria when the IS lost its last territory in Syria last March.

According to a summary of the Belgium-based think tank “International Crisis Group”, among them, there are more than 40,000 women and children of foreign nationality, and their nationalities are in about 60 countries.

The Kurdish forces in Syria, who have jurisdiction over the region, have repeatedly asked for the IS family to return to their home countries, but most of them are still more than a year old, due to the fact that each country refuses to accept them. Staying in the refugee camp has become a major issue.

The international NGO "Save the Children" told the governments of each country that the refugee camps have not had enough water to wash their hands as the new coronavirus infection spreads worldwide. We are calling for the return of children and their families.