The fishing boat that spilled 500 liters of fuel. - SDIS 44

Saturday, a little after 10 p.m., in the port of Le Croisic (Loire-Atlantique), the firefighters were called for pollution in the form of a 30 m by 20 m oil slick from an 11 m fishing boat, reports this Sunday morning SDIS 44 (Departmental Fire and Rescue Service). The boat contained a total of 5,200 liters of fuel oil. 500 liters of fuel oil spilled in the port.

Pollution has been brewed towards the sea and towards shellfish parks and salt marshes. A risk assessment at sea has been carried out. The Loire-Atlantique prefecture contacted the salt workers' unions to secure the facilities. The firefighters recovered the pollutant in the port by means of a boat and a specialized depollution unit.

No risk to health and the environment

Reconnaissance is planned this Sunday morning offshore and in the stirrups. "There is no identified risk for health and the environment," said the SDIS 44 press release.


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