A fox video that bursts a smile with a happy expression (?) is a topic.

On the 29th of last month, a netizen posted a video on SNS with a witty article saying, "You haven't heard the fox laugh yet? Thank you."
In the video, two yellow foxes rub their bodies on the floor like a dog, show their belly, and beg. When the woman strokes her face and stomach, the foxes say'hahaha' and make a unique sound, like a human laugh. Sometimes, she asks for more stroking, and she apologizes for women.

The black fox, who arrives afterwards, looks at the woman as if lying naturally. As the woman strokes her belly, she shakes her tail with a happy face.
The woman in the video is Mikela Raines, founder of the American fox protection group Save A Fox. The organization has been caring for more than 150 foxes rescued in furry kennels and raised and raised in homes since 2017. Because these foxes are born in closed facilities and can't survive in the wild by catching human hands.

The group shares the life of the foxes on a daily video clip and shares it on the YouTube channel, but the reaction is so hot that the number of subscribers rises to 630,000. In particular, attention is focused on fox videos that make a'laugh' as ​​if they are children. It was so similar to the laughter of a person that it made me wonder if the foxes were actually happy and laughing.
Actually, it is like this. Foxes make a variety of cries to communicate with dogs or to express their feelings, including sounds like laughs like'giggling' and'haha'. Animal behavioral psychologist Jim Crosby said, "The'emotional expressions' we see in animals are merely projections of the emotional expressions seen by humans." .

I can't say that foxes that make'laughs' are actually laughing, but the happy appearance of the foxes in the video made people laugh as well. The netizens responded warmly, such as "I think it's more cute because of the laugh," and "I wish I was as happy as these foxes."

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(Source='SaveAFox' YouTube)