The room of the Capitole municipal council, in Toulouse Drawing. - F. Scheiber - Sipa

  • New room, new device for the resettlement of Jean-Luc Moudenc (LR) in his functions as mayor of Toulouse this Friday.
  • A municipal council which will see the arrival of 35 new heads out of 69 elected officials.
  • With a city councilor who says he is ready to take up green proposals from his new opposition.

You are addicted to politics, fan of this or that elected official, you are burning to know the new casting of assistants, a piece of advice, get up early this Friday if you want to attend live the "installation" of Jean-Luc Moudenc ( LR), re-elected mayor of Toulouse on Sunday with 51.98% of the vote against Antoine Maurice (Archipel). Because only 60 people will be admitted to the public, "by order of arrival". In addition, they will not be directly in the presence of the elected officials of the new municipal council but in a room next to it.

Sanitary crisis obliges, the principal interested parties - 53 elected for the winning list Aimer Toulouse and 16 for Archipelago - will not meet besides either in the aptly named "room of the municipal council" of the Capitol. They will be entitled to the famous, and much larger, Hall of Illustrious.

Suffice to say that it will be much easier to follow the events live on the town hall website. We will see better the new faces. Because, if in theory the Toulouse people have chosen not to change anything, the distribution will not be the same: out of 69 advisers, 35 have never sat (23 on Moudenc side, 11 at Archipel): the astronaut Philippe Perrin from side or Odile Maurin, muse of "yellow vests" and accessibility on the other, to name a few.

"Pragmatic ecology"

Basically, after a rather deleterious end of the campaign and in a world shaken by the coronavirus, Jean-Luc Moudenc wants to take note of the "rally" that he operated in the ballot boxes by winning the votes of what he calls " the moderate left ”. "I also want to take into account the voters who did not vote for me," he says. I am ready to take up part of Archipel's proposals which are compatible with a pragmatic ecology on soft mobility, food quality or even energy sobriety. "

Not sure that this precocious "outstretched hand" will be greeted with a smile by the new opposition. Antoine Maurice wants elected officials from his list to form a single political group. But two elected officials, Pierre Lacaze for the PCF and Vincent Gibert for the PS, could be apart.


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