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Strasbourg police officers had a new appointment with the law this Wednesday morning. Like last Tuesday, when an agent had been sentenced to eighteen months suspended prison sentence for having clubbed a "yellow vest". This time, two officials appeared, prosecuted for violence in the exercise of their functions on the evening of New Year's Eve 2011, report the Latest News from Alsace.

That evening, a man driving a green Renault Mégane had at first rushed towards the police, who had opened fire. Then another vehicle of the same brand had appeared a few moments later in the same avenue in the Hautepierre district and the two agents had then fired two bullets each… on the gray car. The driver had not been hit but a projectile had ended in the passenger seat.

Police "Lied and Continue to Lie"

The police, who were in civilian clothes and without armbands, continued to invoke self-defense during the hearing, which the ballistic report contradicted. "They lied and continue to lie," regretted the prosecutor Alexandre Chevrier in remarks reported by the regional daily.

The two agents were sentenced to twelve months suspended prison sentence and to pay 9,000 euros to the victim.


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