China News Service, June 30, according to Reuters reports, on the 29th local time, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said when asked why she did not wear a mask, she has always followed the doctor's advice and put on a mask when and when necessary .

Data map: German Chancellor Angela Merkel. China News Service reporter Peng Dawei

  According to reports, on the 29th, Merkel met with French President Macron and held a press conference. At the meeting, a German reporter asked her: "It is worth noting that we have never seen you wear a mask. Why is this?"

  In this regard, Merkel said that she has always followed the advice given by the German health agency, and she will wear a mask when she cannot maintain a social distance with people, such as when going to the store to shop. "But I won't tell you when and where I go shopping," Merkel joked.

  According to previous reports, Merkel said on the 27th that the current rapid spread of regional epidemics shows that the risk of new coronavirus facing Germany is still serious. She emphasized that fighting the epidemic will become a key agenda for Germany after it takes over the EU rotating presidency. She also called on all Germans to continue to abide by the epidemic prevention regulations.