Donald Trump at his Tulsa meeting on Saturday evening. - Sue Ogrocki / AP / SIPA

The American president has not been on edge for the first meeting since the health crisis. Donald Trump said on Saturday that he had asked his health authorities to slow the pace of Covid-19 testing because it was causing an increase in the number of cases detected in the United States, the most bereaved country in the world by the pandemic . Without explaining if he was serious, the American president affirmed to the crowd of his supporters gathered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that the screening was "a double-edged sword".

"This is the bad side: when we do this volume of screening, we find more people, we find more cases," he continued during this first meeting organized during the pandemic in the United States. "So I said to my team, 'Slow down the screening.' They do tests, and tests ... "added Donald Trump, whose management of the health crisis in the United States is widely criticized. "He was obviously joking to denounce absurd media coverage," said an official from the White House, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Six members of the Trump campaign team tested positive for Covid-19 and were placed in quarantine a few hours before the rally. So far relatively spared, Oklahoma is currently experiencing a strong surge in detected cases. The United States is the country most affected by the new coronavirus with more than 2.2 million cases and nearly 120,000 deaths, for nearly 330 million inhabitants.


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