Maya Pargade-Klitzke, 21, new ambassador for the NGO ONE in Bordeaux. - Marion Pignot

  • They are under 30 and have positive initiatives for the world of tomorrow.
  • This Wednesday, Maya Pargade-Klitzke who has just been chosen as a young ambassador for ONE, the NGO fighting against extreme poverty co-founded by musician Bono.
  • For a year, Maya Pargade-Klitzke will go to meet elected officials and citizens of New Aquitaine to convince them to commit to fighting global inequalities. Maya does not intend to stop there and wants to take advantage of the legitimacy that ONE offers her to combat inequalities between men and women.

They are still students or already in working life, volunteers, researchers, employees, self-employed, have set up a company or an association. Thanks to them, the future will be better. 20 Minutes has decided to give voice to young people under the age of 30 whose actions have a beneficial effect on the world of tomorrow. Third part of this series with Maya Pargade-Klitzke, 21, ambassador of the NGO ONE, which fights against extreme poverty.

She is 21 years old and already full of convictions. Maya Pargade-Klitzke has just been chosen as young ambassador for ONE, the NGO fighting against extreme poverty co-founded by musician Bono. From the leader of U2, the young woman does not know much except the songs of the Irish group. "But I share her commitments to the fight against poverty," says Maya, the only Bordeaux woman to have been chosen by the NGO to represent her on the ground.

All she had to do was send a CV on the ONE platform and a short text explaining why she wanted to get involved. Once the first skimming happened, Maya sent a video explaining her motivations. “At Sciences Po, we are politicized but rarely engaged. I needed to carry projects, to be in agreement with what I learned every day at the university ”, explains the student in Master International Cooperation and Development on campus.

"The means to have political weight"

Maya looked for how to "make her voice heard" and found in ONE, "the means to have political weight": "It is an advocacy association with a certain notoriety and which allows me to be legitimate during my takes of words. "During the first round of the municipal campaign, the young woman was not shy to question the candidates for mayor of Bordeaux" by email, on Twitter or at the end of their meeting "on the major projects of the NGO. Vaccination in poor countries (Gavi program), gender equality, women's and youth rights, etc. Maya acts as Bono's spokesperson in Bordeaux but ensures that she does not feel instrumentalized: "The NGO defends virtuous and commendable causes and it is a showcase that allows me to be present on a stage that could have -be ignored and which allows young people to push up their projects. We listen to them but we are also heard. We can contact whoever we want in the organization chart and defend our own projects. "

"Young people are the future, we need to mobilize"

Maya has only been an ambassador for a week when we met her at the start of March, but she says she has already gained insurance and that she will no longer hesitate to "step up to the plate". "Young people are the future, we have to mobilize, and thanks to this commitment I know today that I am able to bring some knowledge into combat", comments the one who was trained in Paris with fifty other new ambassadors.

“I saw young people aged 18 to 31 who were very motivated. We all carry the voice of ONE, of something bigger than us, but we all have projects in mind, values ​​to defend and share. We are given incredible flexibility and it was really motivating to be part of the next generation, ”said Maya, who will soon be at the European Youth Event. With 9,000 other young people, she will try to influence the budget of the European Union, to ensure that 85% of future projects respect gender equality. “It's a big fight; but it goes through us, young people, ”continues Maya, who will be one of the three European ambassadors to transmit the youth report to Parliament.

Our dossier on poverty

ONE's projects take her a lot of time and Maya should ease off on the studies side to devote herself to it. "It is an incredible chance, we understand certain political cogs, also, it is important for me to live this mandate fully", assures the young woman who says she is shocked by the "discriminations of everyday life". “I am in a Franco-Moroccan sector and I have seen the inequalities that plagued Morocco. I also did an internship in rural areas in Senegal and worked on sexual violence, continues the one who worked for the NGO Care International in Casablanca. I refuse to live in a world where we do not try to combat this violence, whether it is committed in Africa or in Bordeaux. "


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