A dog in a shelter. (illustration) - MARTIN BUREAU / AFP

He said he did so because it was "just a working tool," according to a police source. Last week, a security guard was arrested in Marseille for having locked up his dog, which he owned professionally but whose name he did not even know, for months in a box in the trunk of his vehicle.

The Marseille SPA was alerted by residents. The dog was found in this vehicle, parked in an obscure underground car park in the 15th arrondissement, in the northern districts of Marseille. "The animal could not even lie down or lie down, reports the same police source to 20 Minutes . He was very thin, dehydrated, really in bad shape. He had been there since February. "

[#AnimalProtection] Prisoner of a car trunk since January. "It's just a working tool" declares this # Security Agent who did not even know the name of his #dog. The police of the north division #Marseille and the @SPAMarseille release the suffering animal pic.twitter.com/sooOwCn5r3

- National Police 13 (@ PoliceNat13) June 3, 2020

Once warned, the police found the owner of the dog, entrusted to the SPA. This man has been charged with animal abuse and cruelty. Placed under judicial control, he will soon appear before the Marseille Criminal Court. He faces up to two years in prison and a fine of 30,000 euros.


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