02 June 2020 For Jean Van Landegham, a 65-year-old retiree who lives in the town of Turnhout, pizza has become a curse.

The man, in fact, for about 9 years has lived with the daily nightmare of a possible new delivery of yet another pizza, or even a load of pizzas, to his home. By now he is afraid every time the bell rings he is terrified that it could be yet another courier with the delivery order of yet another pizza. One day the man found 14 pizzas on the doorstep of his home, obviously never ordered.

In these years, obviously, the pensioner has reported and denounced the thing, without success. Restaurants and pizzerias change, couriers change, but pizza continues to arrive regularly at his house. Jean Van Landegham does not want these pizzas, and, when he can, he sends them back to the sender, refusing delivery. The man does not consume the pizzas and refuses to pay them when they ask for it. According to his calculations, only last year he sent back pizzas worth 500 euros.

Jean Van Landegham is constantly investigating to find out who is behind this absurdity, but in the meantime the nightmare of the cursed pizza continues!