1. The regions with the highest redundancy rates

SVT has investigated the death toll on elderly homes during some of the most intense corona weeks, using data from the search service Ratsit. We have compared the figures with an average from the corresponding period 2017-2019 (see fact box).

Across the country, we found an excess of 30 percent. The Stockholm region, which has been severely affected during the corona pandemic, stands out with an overdose of 100 percent.

According to our data, the mortality rate for elderly housing in the Stockholm region decreased during the month of April / May - at the same time as it increased in Västra Götaland.

2. Then most people die - day by day

April 15 is the deadliest day so far in the country's elderly homes during the corona pandemic, according to our data. The same date that most people in total have died in covid-19, according to government statistics.

The three days with the most deceased in the elderly homes were April 15-17, according to our survey - ie the days after the Easter weekend.

3. Private and municipal housing for the elderly

Corona pandemic has hit hard in the Stockholm region. There, the distribution between elderly housing that is run in municipal and private management is fairly even.

The mortality during weeks 10-19 seems to have hit almost as hard regardless of the mode of operation. Municipal housing has an excess of 104 per cent, while private homes are at 97 per cent.

4. Housing that stands out

The bars show an average of the number of deceased from week 10 to week 19 for the around 40 elderly homes that stand out in terms of mortality.

We can see around 40 housing estates around the country that stand out and where the mortality rate has more than doubled during the period investigated.

Most of these accommodations are located in the Stockholm area, but it is also about accommodations in, for example, Borlänge, Gothenburg and Gävle.

SVT has been in contact with a number of these homes to try to get a picture of what may be behind the causes - read more here.

5. Municipalities without redundancy

Of the 100 largest municipalities outside the Stockholm region, 44 have a lower number of deceased persons in their elderly homes, compared with the average for 2017-2019.

Despite the corona pandemic, many municipalities have fewer deaths in elderly housing this year compared to an average for the corresponding period 2017-2019. If we look at the 100 largest municipalities outside the Stockholm region, 44 have a lower number of deceased persons in their elderly homes.

In Malmö, for example, mortality has fallen by 14 percent during the corona weeks.