China News Service, May 31 (Xinhua News Agency) (CBS) reported that after the African-American man Freud was crushed to the neck and killed by police, protests and demonstrations have occurred in many places in the United States. On the evening of May 30 local time, Los Angeles County, California, USA declared a state of emergency. Los Angeles Mayor Jasiti also announced that the City of Los Angeles will deploy the National Guard to "maintain peace and security."

  At the press conference that afternoon, Jasiti also said that it was unlikely that the National Guard would be called, and he called on the people to protest nonviolently.

On May 30th, local time, during a protest in Los Angeles, a man took a selfie in front of a burning fire in the street.

  But a few hours after the press conference ended, as protesters continued to gather around the city of Los Angeles, Jasiti announced that California Governor Newson approved his request to send 500 to 700 National Guard personnel Help maintain urban order. In addition, the city of Los Angeles mobilized the entire police department to respond to the protest.

  On May 30th, thousands of people took to the streets of downtown Los Angeles for the fourth day in a row to protest police law enforcement. But then, the protests turned into violent riots, causing robberies and fires in many places throughout the city and neighboring areas. Currently, many cities in Southern California have imposed curfews.