Last weekend, 40 containers full of face masks, plastic containers, building supplies and medical supplies off the east coast of Australia fell into the sea from a cargo ship. Now goods have drifted ashore near Sydney, The Guardian says.

The APL England cargo ship was en route from China to Melbourne. In rough seas, however, containers fell into the sea and the ship had to turn to Brisbane.

Bond resident Aliy Pott said she read about the containers that ended up in the sea in the evening and immediately decided in the morning to go clean up the beach if the junk had drifted ashore.

- When I got there, the beach looked like a landfill. The entire left side of the beach was covered in goods. There were only face masks and full, unopened plastic packaging.

According to the Australian Maritime Safety Authority Amsa, no dangerous products have been dropped into the sea.

- According to the modeling, the scrap will drift ashore in the coming days, Amsa representative Allan Schwartz told the Australian broadcaster.

According to Amsa, the ship has 74 damaged containers.