(Summary of the two sessions) Taiwanese representatives in the last two sessions: the epidemic test everyone's "Chinese heart"

  China News Service, Beijing, May 23 (Reporter Lin Chunyin) Five or six thousand people wore masks to go to the two sessions together, becoming the "unforgettable lens of history" in the "Impressions of the Two Sessions" in Chen Yunying, a Taiwanese National People's Congress representative and deputy chairman of the All-China Federation of Taiwan Federations. -"Despite the depression, unprecedented solidarity is also exciting."

  On the 22nd, the third session of the 13th National People's Congress opened in Beijing. As they stepped into the Great Hall of the People, 13 Taiwanese National People's Congress delegates from the Taiwan Provincial Delegation took a group photo.

  Chen Yunying noted that the government work report used only a quarter of the space to review last year ’s achievements and this year ’s work plan, "According to the time, face the problems, overcome the difficulties, and it is indeed feasible."

  Chen Yunying said that the challenge is unprecedented, but if our hearts are all together, everyone can do what they can, no matter how difficult it is to achieve the goals mentioned in the report.

  Speaking of the Taiwan-related part of the report, Chen Yunying believes that the most important statement is that we should "unify the majority of Taiwan compatriots to jointly oppose 'Taiwan independence' and promote reunification."

  Chen Yunying said that foreigners intervened in Chinese affairs through Hong Kong and Taiwan, which disrupted the "Chinese heart" of compatriots in Hong Kong and Taiwan. We oppose foreign forces that are not conducive to China's development and undermine the "Chinese heart" of compatriots in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and we do not believe that compatriots in Hong Kong and Taiwan are unpatriotic.

  Chen Yunying emphasized that those "Chinese hearts" that were suppressed and still insisted on the reunification of the motherland were "very precious and should be cherished".

  Wearing a mask to participate in the singing of the national anthem also made Zou Zhenqiu, a Taiwanese National People's Congress representative and chairman of the Jiangsu Provincial Taiwan Federation, deeply impressed. His "two sessions" impression is a staged victory in the fight against epidemics, and he must seize the time to decide all aspects of the country. " At such a difficult time, I even saw the will and determination of the Chinese people. "

  Zou Zhenqiu paid attention to the social difficulties such as the assistance of small and medium-sized enterprises, and poverty alleviation. "Under the epidemic, the state has issued many policies, hoping to truly implement and help enterprises and vulnerable family groups."

  Zou Zhenqiu believes that the report maintains the consistency and continuity of our Taiwan policy, and expresses our confidence and determination to develop cross-strait relations and promote reunification.

  Zhang Xiong, a deputy to the National People ’s Congress of Taiwan and a tutor at Tongji University, believes that the report involves three levels of meaning in Taiwan, including reaffirming the basic principles of Taiwan policy; expressing the goodwill toward Taiwan compatriots in Taiwan policy; and looking forward to the future of cross-strait relations, That is, we can certainly create a better future for national rejuvenation.

  Zhang Xiong believes that the mainland will continue to release its goodwill towards Taiwan compatriots. Following the "31", "26" and "11" benefits of Taiwan, there may be measures to continue to support Taiwan compatriots' work and life in the mainland.

  In the view of Xu Pei, a deputy to the National People's Congress of Taiwan and vice chairman of the National Taiwan Federation of People's Congress, the report puts people's livelihood first, demonstrating the responsibility of a responsible government. "I believe these burden reduction policies will enable us to get out of the dilemma as soon as possible."

  Xu Pei believes that although there are only 108 words in the Taiwan-related part, it reiterated its policy towards Taiwan and opposed "Taiwan independence", and expressed our determination and confidence in promoting the reunification of the motherland.

  Zeng Liqun, a representative of the Taiwanese National People's Congress and chairman of the Guizhou Provincial Taiwan Federation, said that China has responded to the new crown epidemic and used its national strength to resolve risks, reflecting the superiority of the national system.

  Zeng Liqun pointed out that the report has shown goodwill and sincerity to Taiwan compatriots with regard to the current situation of cross-strait relations. Although there are not many expressions in the Taiwan part, anti- "Taiwan independence" has appeared twice, indicating our firm will and determination to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity. (Finish)