US sells torpedoes to Taiwan Pressure on China further strengthens May 21, 10:55

As the U.S. and China contend for the new coronavirus, Trump's administration has decided to sell a new torpedo to Taiwan and has informed Congress to further pressure on China.

The Trump administration has decided to sell Taiwan's 18 torpedoes and related equipment, totaling $ 180 million, or JPY 19 billion in weapons, and notified Congress on the 20th.

The Trump administration has decided to sell the same torpedo in 2017, and last year it decided to sell 66 new F16 fighters, making it the fourth consecutive year to sell weapons to Taiwan.

The United States has no foreign relations with Taiwan, but sells weapons under the Taiwan Relations Act.

State Department officials told NHK that the US's "One China" policy would remain the same, but said the sale was a prudent investment to improve its current self-defense capabilities. I will.

While the Trump administration is fiercely confronting China with the response to the new coronavirus, it urged Taiwan's participation as an observer at the WHO annual meeting this month.

In addition, Secretary Pompei issued a statement celebrating the second inauguration of President Tsai Ing-wen on the 20th, showing his intention to strengthen relations with Taiwan.

Against this backdrop, China's opposition is expected in the form of further pressure on the sale of new weapons to Taiwan, which China opposes.