Despite being afflicted with Covid 19, paramedics, citizens and residents of Dubai, returned to the frontline confrontation with the new Corona virus, once again setting an example in the championship and dedication to work, confirming their continued fight against the epidemic without fear or hesitation, while the CEO of Dubai Foundation confirmed For ambulance services, Khalifa Al-Drai, some paramedics did not return to their homes and see their relatives since the beginning of the pandemic for their safety. 

Medics at the Dubai Foundation for Ambulance Services told Emirates Today that they are from the first day of the crisis, and they are stationed in the first line of defense to deal with the injured, and those suspected of being injured, for about 12 hours a day, despite the possibility of being injured daily, which pushed some of them to stone He kept himself away from his home to protect his family.

The paramedics confirmed, “Hamda Al Hammadi, Hamza Ahmed, Faisal Abdullah, Abbas Khan, Venus Volarenti, Emiliano Jendayi, Grishma Vargis”, all of whom were injured by Coved 19 on the frontline during the performance of their emergency missions, that their return to work after their recovery comes in response to the beautiful Emirates, and with determination Them to tackle the virus until it is completely finished.

They pointed out that the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services provided them with all their protective clothing and medical equipment for their diets, and provided them with all means of support during their injury, until they fully recovered.

The Executive Director of the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services, Khalifa Al-Drai said that the Foundation gave the medics a role model in sincerity and dedication to work, and described them as the heroes of the confrontation on the first line of defense.

He stated that the injury rate among the paramedics is less than 1% of the total employees, and the Foundation has provided them with all means of protection and protection for its ambulance staff and employees, in implementation of the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the State, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai when directed The need to protect employees.

He stated that the institution provided all the protective requirements to protect paramedics during the period of their work, and during their presence in their housing as well, as it provided thermal cameras and sterilization gates, in addition to extensive training programs to protect themselves, as well as thermal cameras, and subject them to periodic examination of Coved 19.

He stressed that the Foundation implements programs to support the morale of paramedics, by carrying out continuous visits to their housing, and eating with them, with the aim of supporting them in their mission and hard work.

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