1:00 weeks infection zero of the region 14 days prospect in the declaration also released Nishimura economic regeneration phase May 7 days 18 37 minutes

Prospect travels through emergency declaration, which has been extended until the end of this month, Nishimura economic recovery Minister at a press conference, after the county a new infected person has not been confirmed for one week is 17, and these areas this month 14 days It has been recognized that it can be the subject of declaring.

Nishimura's Minister for Economic Rehabilitation explained that there were 34 prefectures where new cases were not confirmed on the 6th, of which 17 were not confirmed for a week. If we continue, we will hear from experts at a conference held around the 14th, and we will consider removing the emergency declaration, '' he said, recognizing that these regions may be subject to the declaration. .

Then, he repeated the policy of considering the cancellation based on the number of infected people and the medical service system, and said, `` Since we are discussing each standard with experts in a concrete manner, we need to urgently take a direction. I want to do it, ”and emphasized the urgent need to create a criterion.