(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) South Africa's epidemic-stricken areas increased law enforcement efforts and arrested more than 800 people in three days

  China News Agency, Johannesburg, May 4 (Reporter Wang Xi) As a severely affected area in South Africa's new coronary pneumonia epidemic, KwaZulu Natal has recently stepped up its law enforcement efforts in epidemic prevention. The governor of the province, Sheila Salacara, disclosed on the 4th that as of 04:00 on May 4, a total of 826 people had been arrested for violating the "blockade order" of the province's fourth-level epidemic.

On May 1, South Africa officially lowered the blockade level against the new coronary pneumonia epidemic from the harshest fifth level to the fourth level, which means that some commercial stores can be reopened, and the public can also have limited outing activities. The picture shows a traffic flow on a main street in Johannesburg. China News Agency reporter Wang Xishe

  On May 1, South Africa lowered the level of the "blockade order" for epidemic prevention from the most severe fifth level to the fourth level, which allows the public to carry out individual outdoor activities very limited. However, some people in South Africa interpreted it as "liberation", which led to the prison.

  Sarakala emphasized that relaxing the restrictions on the “blockade order” of the epidemic does not mean that the risk of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic has been reduced. He was disappointed with this result, but even so, in order to combat the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the province will continue to strengthen law enforcement.

  Sarakala pointed out that with the "blockade order" entering the fourth level, law enforcement officials will no longer only focus on motorists, but will also begin to enter relatively remote towns and suburbs, which will generally be a "blind spot" for the implementation of regulations. In addition, the law enforcement department will also strengthen the inspection of reopened business institutions.

  But he said that due to the impact of the epidemic, South Africa ’s commercial activities have been severely hit, so the government will strengthen cooperation with commercial institutions to protect the interests of legitimate commercial institutions.

  As of press time, there were 6783 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia and 131 deaths in South Africa. (Finish)