• Earthquake shock in the Neapolitan area: magnitude 2.9
  • Richter earthquake of 3 degrees in the province of Rome
  • Earthquake of magnitude 3.4 in the Turin area


April 19, 2020 At 11.53 a.m. - a shock of magnitude between 3.7 in the Pavia area and province was felt - says the Ingv on his twitter profile. Many reports, always on social networks, of inhabitants of the area and also of the province of Milan who report having warned her.

A shock, always in the same area but of magnitute 2.9, was also recorded this morning 7.16. The epicenter of the shock, at 11.53 am, is Montalto Pavese (PV). The earthquake, specified the Ingv, occurred at a depth of 32 km. 

Three days ago, on April 16, a shock of magnitude 4.0 (at a depth of 6 kilometers) was recorded in Cerignale, in the Province of Piacenza. Shock that was also felt in Pavia, which is about sixty kilometers away. 

[DATA #RIVISTS] # earthquake ML 3.7 11:53 IT of 19-04-2020 at 1 km E Montalto Pavese (PV) Prof = 32Km # INGV_24286931 https://t.co/hChLeSJ3hy

- INGVterremoti (@INGVterremoti) April 19, 2020