China News Service, April 7th, according to the WeChat public account of the Chinese Embassy in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, on the morning of the 6th, Ambassador Zhu Jing of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) called Ituri Province on the murder of three Chinese citizens in Bunia Long Barmanisa. Zhu Jing said that China strongly condemned the killing of Chinese citizens by local gangsters, and asked relevant authorities to investigate further, bring the perpetrators to justice as soon as possible, and provide convenience and assistance in the handling of the deceased's aftermath. Zhu Jing pointed out that the safety of Chinese citizens ’lives is the primary concern of the Chinese government. The local government departments are requested to immediately take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of Chinese citizens’ lives and property.

The Governor of Barmanisa expressed his deep condolences over the murder of Chinese citizens, and allowed him to personally supervise and appoint a special person to track the progress of the case, as soon as possible to arrest the murderer, and the provincial government will also coordinate the military and police departments to strengthen the protection of local Chinese citizens.

On the afternoon of the 6th local time, the Governor of Bamanisa has met with representatives of the family of the deceased.