• Coronavirus. Spain. Record of deaths in 24 hours: 864. Over 100 thousand infections


02 April 2020Spain records a dramatic increase in coronavirus deaths: 950 deaths in just 24 hours, bringing the total death toll to 10,003. covid-19 infections are also growing, 8,102 new cases in the last few hours for a total of 110,238, according to the Spanish health authorities.

A leap of infections in Germany, which has grown by over 6,000 in 24 hours and which therefore extends containment measures until at least April 19: "The spread of the infection is still too high", explains Chancellor Merkel.

Everywhere in Europe the concern is the keeping of hospitals. In Paris, all resuscitation posts are occupied, and it is estimated that in Île-de-France, the region of the capital, numerals can be reached in Lombardy within ten days.

Belgium exceeds 15 thousand cases, while in Spain, the EU country most affected along with Italy, reached 10,000 deaths: 950 only in the last 24 hours.

Germany, extended lockdown until April 19
The German government has agreed with the laender governors to extend restrictions on citizens' movements and public life for two weeks until April 19 to combat the coronavirus emergency. Just over a week after banning the gatherings of more than two people, the Berlin government will continue to ask the Germans to stay in their homes, Chancellor Angela Merkel said in a statement after consulting the 16 regional governors. The government will review the lockdown after Easter. In Germany there are 72,914 cases of the virus and 793 deaths.

"We cannot make statements today about how we will move forward after Easter," German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in a telephone press conference with the German media about the duration of the containment measures. Contagion growth has declined slightly but not enough to warrant long-term forecasts, the chancellor specified. Tuesday after Easter will be the next time when the competent medical and political authorities in Germany will meet to take stock of the situation again, he added.

France. In Ile-de-France hospitals collapsing
Yesterday's record death toll: 499 Yesterday for France was the worst day since the outbreak with 499 deaths recorded in hospitals. "We had an extremely difficult night, Aurélien Rousseau, general manager of Île-de-France, interviewed on franceinfo, said this morning." In Île-de-France - he said - there are 1,200 reanimation beds. At the time I am talking to you, there are 2,700 patients in intensive care. "Rousseau considers the risk, on which the nine largest hospitals in Europe were alerted, to end the stocks of some medicines within a week at the moment they seem more reactive against Covid-19, for which, it should be emphasized, there is no effective therapy at the moment. Castaner: "Easter is not leaving" Interior Minister Christophe Castaner invites the population not to move for the Easter holidays. In two weeks, in France, 359 thousand fines were applied against those who transgressed the rules of confinement against the coronavirus.

Great Britain A jump of 563 more deaths in 24 hours
In the United Kingdom there are a total of 2,352 victims. The infections went from 25,150 to 29,474: a peak of 4,324 more than the previous day. The tests performed are close to 153,000, almost 10,000 per day.

Belgium. Record 123 deaths yesterday. 828 total I
Belgium experienced the worst day since the Covid-19 epidemic in terms of coronavirus-related deaths after 123 people died yesterday, bringing the country's total to 828 deaths. Spokesmen for the Ministry of Health and the Crisis Center announced this during the daily press conference on the situation of the Coronavirus epidemic. "The death toll yesterday was very important. This shows that every death is one death too many," said Benoit Ramacker, a spokesman for the Crisis Center, urging the population to "keep efforts" related to confinement. Yesterday there were 1,189 new positive cases at Covid-19, which bring the total to 13,964.

However, Belgium has significantly increased its testing capabilities: 4,255 were conducted yesterday compared to an average of 2,000 in the previous weeks. Over 57,000 tests have been conducted since the outbreak. In hospitals increase the number of hospitalized patients, including those in intensive care, but also the number of patients discharged.

Currently 4,995 patients are hospitalized (+560 compared to the previous 24), of which 1088 in intensive care (+67). 54% of Covid-19 ICU beds are occupied. Yesterday 436 patients were discharged from hospitals, bringing the total for the country to 2,132.

Austria. Postponed masks obligation, not enough
The obligation to wear masks for those who go shopping at the supermarket should have entered into force today in Austria. An obligation partially observed, but which will now officially become such only on Monday 6 April, because at the moment the masks are not enough.

The law passed that if the customer does not show up in supermarkets with his own mask already on, he will receive one at the entrance: it was Chancellor Sebastian Kurz on Monday to explain that "we are still at the start of a marathon". "The measures taken - he added - work but we must significantly reduce the spread of the virus in Austria".