(Fighting new crown pneumonia) Spain has more than 100,000 diagnoses

China News Service, Beijing, April 1st: Madrid news: According to the Spanish Ministry of Health's report on April 1, the country's cumulative number of new crown pneumonia diagnoses has exceeded 100,000, reaching 102,136, and a total of 9,053 deaths.

According to local media reports, Spain has reported 864 new deaths in the past 24 hours, a new high in a single day. Spain has had more than 800 new deaths in a single day for five consecutive days.

Spanish Ministry of Health spokeswoman Maria said at a news conference on the same day that during the current epidemic period, the number of patients receiving treatment in intensive care units and the number of deaths were in line with expectations. She emphasized that about 22% of the confirmed cases have now been discharged. In addition, the pressure on intensive care units in some areas has "reduced".

Effie reported that at present Spain's national intensive care unit has treated 5,872 patients, adding 265 in a single day, compared with the 376 treated the previous day, the number of new additions has slowed. A total of 22,647 people have been cured nationwide.

The latest data from the Spanish Ministry of Health show that about 8% of newly diagnosed cases in Spain in the past 24 hours, and nearly 11% the previous day, are on a downward trend. Mortality is also declining, from 27% a week ago to 10.5% on the same day. During the period from March 15th to 25th, that is, a period of time after Spain announced the country's "cities closure", the number of newly confirmed cases every day was as high as 20%.

"Overall, we can consider that approximately 8% of the newly confirmed cases indicate that we are moving to a stable stage of the epidemic."

The Spanish capital, Madrid, remains the most severely affected area, with nearly 30,000 confirmed cases and 3,865 deaths. (Finish)