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March 19, 2020 The deaths caused by the coronavirus pandemic in the world reach 9,000: the latest bulletin released by Johns Hopkins university reports. To be exact, the number of deaths is now 8,957, while the number of confirmed cases of infection has risen to 220,691. So far 84,161 people have been healed.

Infectious boom in Spain
In Spain coronavirus deaths reached 767, rising 30% in 24 hours. The situation is particularly serious in Madrid, where there is one death every 16 minutes in the hospitals of the capital. In all, 3,000 people are hospitalized. The data are reported by El Pais online which explains how the budget does not include people who died at home or in other social-health structures. According to experts, writes the newspaper, it is impossible to quantify the real extent of the infection. In the Spanish capital, the number of people infected would be tens of thousands.

In Germany, the army is preparing for the worst scenario
The Bundeswehr is preparing for a "worst case scenario" situation regarding the fight against coronavirus. This was said by German Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, who made the army available "if the resistance of the civilian forces were to end".

At a press conference, AKK - as it is called - said that "in difficult times citizens can count on the Bundeswehr", which according to the minister can be used in the supply of "protective equipment and sanitary appliances", while they have already been military hospital resuscitation stations increased. The minister also reiterated that army reservists could be mobilized to help deal with the fight against the pandemic.

Already now, so Kramp-Karrenbauer, 2336 reservists have made themselves available.

In all, there are 75 thousand in Germany, of which 28 thousand already regularly participate in exercises. Overall, the Bundeswehr has 180 thousand soldiers.

In Britain 20,000 soldiers mobilized
20,000 soldiers mobilized in Great Britain to help contain the new coronavirus. The defense ministry said that this will double the number of soldiers already on alert, ready to be deployed, in the country where 2,626 Covid-19 falls and 104 deaths were confirmed. Schools closed yesterday and Premier Boris Johnson asked his ministers to consider other restrictive measures.

France: infection slowdown in 2/4 weeks
"We should see a major slowdown in the Covid-19 outbreak in two to four weeks. And it is likely that the confinement period will have to be extended to curb its advance sufficiently," said Genevie've Chene, director of FranceInfo. General of Sante 'Publique in France, the public agency that updates daily the balance of infections and victims in the Hexagone. According to Chene, the containment of the new coronavirus infection curve will depend "on the individual responsibility for implementing the effective measures already launched and the incubation period for those who were already infected at the beginning of the confinement".

"In general - he explained - the dynamic takes place during a period of 2 to 3 months with the inversion of the peak that occurs between the first and second month after the introduction of very restrictive measures. In France it could intervene between 45 to 60 today, then around mid-May "continued Chene, specifying that the dates however could vary:" We do not have any observations that can provide us with such solid elements ".

In France there are 9,134 infected, 264 dead, 3,626 hospitalized of which 931 are serious.

Paris forbids access to the beaches of the Mediterranean arc
France forbids access to the beaches of the entire Mediterranean arc, Corsica, Morbihan and Ille-et-Vilaine in Brittany, as part of the preventive measures against coronavirus. The French media report it.

Hundreds of km of queue at the internal EU borders
There are hundreds of kilometers of queue at the internal borders of the European Union, after the decision by at least 12 Schengen countries to reintroduce internal controls in the context of the Coronavirus crisis. This is what emerges from an analysis of the data published by the Sixfold platform, which monitors waiting times at border crossing points for trucks.

The situation is particularly critical on the borders between Germany and Poland, with two crossings that register more than 50 kilometers of queues and another two more than 30 kilometers. Queues of several tens of kilometers are also registered at the borders between France and Germany, between Germany and the Czech Republic, between the Czech Republic and Slovakia, between Slovakia and Hungary and between Romania and Hungary.

The European Commission has published guidelines asking Member States to introduce preferential lanes to ensure the free movement of goods, in particular essential products such as sanitary and food materials. But, at least so far, the Commission's requests have not been listened to.

In Switzerland 400 cases in one day, over 30 dead
Coronavirus deaths in Switzerland rose from 21 to 33, according to the latest data provided by the Ministry of Health. cases of contagion also increase, another 400 in a single day bringing the total 3,438. another 450 are testing, reports the BBC.