• Coronavirus, more than a thousand positive people in Italy. The dead are 29
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March 01, 2020

The head of the Civil Protection, Borrelli, in the afternoon press conference, announced that 1,577 are infected, 798 of whom are in home isolation, 639 hospitalized, with 140 in intensive care (106 in Lombardy). In addition to these figures, 34 people died - five on the last day - and 83 recovered throughout Italy.

The councilor of the Lombardy Region, Gallera, said that there are 984 positive cases, of which 406 hospitalized.

Piedmont, 49 positive cases
The number of patients positive for the coronavirus test rises to 49 in Piedmont, but only the one confirmed by the Higher Institute of Health remains at the moment, while the response for the other 48 is awaited. Most cases, 37, in Asti and province, 5 in Turin, 3 in Novara. 3 in Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, 1 in Vercelli. Eleven people are hospitalized, 6 in Asti. 3 in Novara and 2 at Amedeo di Savoia in Turin, two are in intensive care (one in Asti the other in Vercelli), all the others are in fiduciary home isolation.

The emergency room of the Tortona hospital remains closed, where the doctors who treated a suspected case have been put under observation, as well as the doctors who in Borgosesia have faced a similar situation.

Friuli Venezia Giulia, six cases
The Fvg Region informs that a new case that was under investigation was positive for the coronavirus test. It is a symptomatic person from Gorizia who is now in home quarantine. It is therefore the sixth positive case taken in charge by the Regional Health Service. The test sample was sent to the Istituto Superiore di Sanità. So far 243 swabs have been made in Friuli Venezia Giulia, of which 16 are being examined; in all there are 122 people under observation in home quarantine.

The previous cases were one in Trieste and three in Udine. This was stated by the Fvg Region. "The patients - the Region informs - were taken in charge by the regional health service and the test samples sent to the Istituto Superiore di Sanità".

Meanwhile, the Goronian patient with coronavirus would be symptomatic and his case completely under control. It would be a fifty year old who would have contracted the virus in a Treviso hospital, Ca 'Foncello, during a visit to a hospitalized relative. The man, who is not in serious condition, is in home quarantine, as are the people (relatives) who have come into contact with him.

"We have proposed to include in the Dpcm (the urgent decree of the Prime Minister, ed) the closure of the schools and universities in Friuli Venezia Giulia for another week after the coronavirus positive cases found in the last hours in the region," said the president of the Fvg, Massimiliano Fedriga, during a press point in Trieste. "We have forwarded our proposal to the government - he added - and we expect a response in a short time".

The Rector of the University of Udine, Roberto Pinton, has suspended all the academic and technical-administrative activities of the University scheduled for tomorrow 2 March. He made it known with a statement sent to the Board of Directors, the Council of Students, Professors and Researchers and the technical-administrative staff, explaining that the three positive colleagues contracted the virus during a scientific conference held at UniUd on 20 and 21 February, specifying that "the infection originated from a participant, positive to the virus, coming from Piedmont".

Iss confirms third case in Abruzzo
The second test, carried out by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, on the man hospitalized in isolation at the Pescara hospital is positive at Covid 19. The patient, residing in a municipality of the Chieti-Pescara metropolitan area, reported that he returned from a business trip to Lombardy last week and that he had almost immediately accused of the flu symptoms that had led him to stay at home. At the moment, therefore, there are 3 confirmed cases of Covid19 in Abruzzo.

Positives in Veneto rose to 223
Coronavirus positive cases rose to 223 in Veneto, 27 more than the previous report. The Region announced. Of these, 87 belong to the outbreak of Vo ', 42 in Treviso, 19 in Venice, 12 in Limena, 5 in Mirano, 3 in Vicenza, 5 in Padua, 2 in Verona, one attributed to Codogno. Epidemiological assignment to a specific cluster is still ongoing for 47 cases. The total number of hospitalized patients is 59, of whom 12 in intensive care.

Two doctors from the Polyclinic of Milan are positive
After the dermatologist tested positive last week, two other doctors from the Polyclinic of Milan, an infectious disease specialist and a neurosurgeon, tested positive for swabs performed at the hospital last week. Both doctors are not hospitalized, but are at home with mild symptoms. All the other 160 swabs made in the past few days at the Polyclinic were negative.

In Lombardy 85 in resuscitation
"At the moment there are 85 patients hospitalized in intensive care in Lombardy" said the councilor for Education, training and work of the Lombardy Region, Melania Rizzoli.

Fontana recalls retired doctors
"If we decided to call retired doctors, it's because the situation is critical." The president of the Lombardy Region Attilio Fontana said in an interview with the newspaper. "We call them back into service - he specified - and the interns are already in use, plus there is a hiring plan. They must absolutely work in safety, even if only for selfish reasons: if someone were to be infected, it would be one less resource".

"I believe - he added - that this alarm will come back, also because we are dealing with efficient, organized healthcare, with highly valued doctors and nurses, and we can also count on the collaboration of private hospitals". On the other hand, he explains, the problem is the few doctors, the budgetary constraints imposed by Rome. "Without those constraints - Fontana continues - we would have many more doctors and nurses. Also because we would have the resources".

La Scala closes until March 8, skips the first of Salomè
La Scala in Milan will be closed at least until March 8th. "All shows and events open to the public scheduled at the Teatro alla Scala until March 8 - the website says - are canceled". This means that the concert of the Scala choir and orchestra conducted by Zubin Mehta on March 7 and the premiere of Richard Strauss' Salomè directed by Riccardo Chailly and directed by Damiano Michieletto, one of the most anticipated productions of the year, are canceled. .

Lombardy, closed gyms and meeting centers
In the Lombardy Region and in the province of Piacenza alone, the activities of gyms, sports centers, swimming pools, cultural and recreational centers will be suspended. This is what the draft of the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers regarding the new provisions on the Covid-19 emergency provides.

In the provinces of Bergamo, Lodi, Piacenza, Cremona, the closure of medium and large sales structures and shops within shopping centers and markets is also expected on Saturdays and Sundays, with the exception of general stores. food and retail businesses and craft sales of food products to a prevalent extent, as well as pharmacies and parapharmacies.

Spallanzani: all negative tests this morning
"All the tests performed yesterday and until this morning have been negative, including the close and symptomatic contacts of the family." This is what we read in the usual bulletin of the Lazzaro Spallanzani Research Institute.

The church of St. Louis of the French, a positive priest who has returned to Paris, is closed in Rome
Church of San Luigi dei Francesi in Rome closed today and until new order '' as a precautionary measure '' after a 43-year-old priest on his return from Italy was hospitalized in Paris because he tested positive for the Coronavirus infection Covid-19. This was underlined by 'Sir', the bishops' agency, underlining that it is the "first 'Roman' church to close for the coronavirus".

On the website of the Church "Saint-Louis-Des-Français" it is explained that the closure was decided by the "guard cell" of the Embassy of Rome. It is then, reports the agency 'Sir', a statement released by the archdiocese of Paris and by archbishop Michel Aupetit to explain exactly what happened: '' A priest from the diocese of Paris, who returned in mid-February from Italy where previously resided, tested positive for Coronavirus Covid-19 this Friday February 28th. He has been hospitalized since last night and his health is reassuring. ''

Sileri: positive cases destined to increase
"The cases of positivity to Coronavirus, to date over a thousand, are destined to increase" said Deputy Minister of Health Pierpaolo Sileri today.

Sacco hospital researchers: "The Italian virus is no more pathogenic than the Chinese one"
"The Italian virus has differences in the genome" compared to the Chinese one, but "we expect them to be minimal differences. Every virus in every single person has its 'tattoos', that is, it is distinguishable. But we don't expect it to be more pathogenic than the Chinese one "said Claudia Balotta, immunologist at the head of the team of researchers who at the Sacco hospital in Milan isolated the Italian strain of the new coronavirus, intervening at 'Half an hour more' on Rai3.

Ricciardi: decisive two weeks to understand
The timing of the emergency depends on the precautions that will be taken, not only in Italy, but all over the world. The measures aimed at limiting the contact between people "here must continue for at least another week". The epidemiologist Walter Ricciardi says it in an interview with Qn. The measures concern the closure of all areas where there is high circulation of the virus, closed and crowded environments, and the school falls within this area. British and Japanese are even considering a protracted closure for two months. "

Ricciardi realizes that the restrictions "generate anxiety, but it is the right thing to do. The next two weeks will be decisive for understanding how the Italian situation evolves". Meanwhile, "I have spoken to the rectors of various universities", who are gearing up for internet teaching. "Internationally, Germany and France," are the countries that are likely to follow us in this evolution, "explains the scientist who he does not think that the epidemic will end with the arrival of summer: "The fate of this crisis will be tied to the choices we will make." Intensive care units are crowded with us, while in France and Germany still not, because "we have had what in technical terms is defined as hospital shedding. German cases have been confined to a community. Unfortunately, a sick person went to the hospital and the virus spread to other patients, visitors, doctors ". WHO with its indications" has been consistent in these days ". And in Italy" where I am Councilor of the Ministry of Health for four days, it seems to me that the communication so far is correct ".

Gauls: rising tide of demanding patients
The virus has shown that it has evaded surveillance criteria and has effectively conquered a part of Italy. "Something serious is happening, not only in Italy but also in Germany and France, which could soon find themselves in our same conditions, and I do not wish it. We are dealing with a rising tide of demanding patients". This was explained in an interview with Corriere della Sera Massimo Galli, primary infectious disease specialist at the Sacco hospital in Milan.

"The serious clinical pictures do not suggest that the infection is recent - he says -. Inpatients are likely to have two to four weeks of time elapsed from the moment they took the virus to the development of very serious symptoms". The situation "is frankly emergency from the point of view of the health organization. It is the equivalent of the tsunami for the number of patients with important diseases hospitalized all together". With the government's precautionary measures "everything that was possible has been done and now we must continue with the restrictions, trying to avoid crowding as much as possible".

The virus in our country "was already circulating before the end of January also judging by the surge in the last few days". The infections, for the most part "date back to early February, some even earlier". The disease "develops slowly" and "is expressed in its maximum severity even 7-10 days after the appearance of the first symptoms. It is very probable that behind all serious patients there are just as many infected but less serious". Even the best health organization in the world, "and we are among them, risks not bearing such an impact". Metropolitan areas "have so far remained outside the red zone and we hope they will remain so".

Liguria, schools reopen on Wednesday
Schools across Liguria will reopen on Wednesday to allow institutions time to equip themselves with all the prevention tools provided for by the rules. This is what is learned from the Liguria Region. All details on the measures will be disseminated during the press point scheduled at 6.30 pm.