A seamstress from the northern company Doublet makes a mayor's scarf for the municipal elections of March 2020 - Francois Launay / 20 Minutes

  • The northern company Doublet manufactures tricolor scarves for mayors and assistants for municipal elections.
  • Several sizes, types and prices exist to best represent your municipality.

It is the ultimate symbol, that which differentiates an elected representative from the nation from the common man. Whether in official ceremonies or at civil weddings, the tricolor scarf never goes unnoticed. Worn by the mayor or his deputies, this republican accessory is particularly in demand during this election period.

Just before the municipal elections, the 36,000 French municipalities are in the process of rebuilding their stock to dress future elected officials. This is the reason why the Doublet company is in full swing. The northern company is one of the approved manufacturers of tricolor scarves in the country. And since January 1, the pace has been very strong in the workshops.

“We have a lot more orders than in the last election because many mayors are not running. As a result, there are stock replenishments, ”explains Philippe Biro, commercial director of Doublet.

Scarf with golden tassels for the mayor, silver for the deputies

In two months, several thousand scarves left the company before being delivered to town halls across the country. Two prices are offered: 39 euros for the basic scarf and 69 euros for the one with a better quality fabric.

Two models also exist to differentiate elected officials: the tricolor scarf with golden tassels for the mayor and that with silver tassels for his assistants. As for the size, it also varies. “There is a scarf of 1.80 m and another of 2 meters. It takes fifteen minutes to make one and we're getting a lot out of it right now, ”recognizes Michelle Houste, who makes most of the blue-white-red scarves in the clothing workshop.

If Doublet manufactures and delivers town halls in ballot boxes, polling booths and billboards during elections, municipal councils are a separate ballot with the manufacture of these scarves. A republican symbol that allows northern society to win any election.


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