According to a Bloomberg news report, Apple plans to launch the smaller and cheaper iPhone very soon, as technology giant suppliers will begin assembling the affordable iPhone model - the first of its kind since the iPhone SE - in February, allowing the company to reveal the device. In March.

Foxconn, Pegatron and Westron will share the assembly of the new phone.

Reports, rumors and predictions about the low-cost iPhone model began to appear last year, and some came from analyst Ming Zhi-kuo, who has a proven record of Apple expectations.

The analyst stated earlier that the next low-cost model will look like an iPhone 8, and will have a screen size of 4.7 inches. It is reported that it will be powered by the Apple A13 processor, which also beats inside the iPhone 11 Pro.

The iPhone 8 is still on the market, as it is currently being sold for $ 449, while the company sold the iPhone SE for $ 399 when it was launched in 2016.

The more expensive iPhones have proven to be very popular with consumers, including the latest iPhones 11 that had an initial price of about $ 50 less than the usual Apple prices.

A separate report stated to Bloomberg that the iPhone manufacturer recently asked TSMC to increase the production of the A13 processor in the current quarter, because the demand was higher than expected on the iPhone 11, and this may also be because production of the low-cost model will begin soon.

In addition to mentioning the screen size and processor used in the device, Bloomberg also said that the device will have a Touch ID built into the Home button, which re-uses Apple's well-known technology instead of choosing the built-in fingerprint sensor under the screen like many of the recent competing Android phones.

The device will not include the facial recognition feature, and the name of the device is not yet clear.

It is reported that a low-cost iPhone can help strengthen Apple's presence in the most competitive and fastest growing emerging market, especially India, where iPhone sales are still facing difficulties, as Android devices with reasonable prices are more common.

And Apple is looking to increase its share in the global smart phone market before launching iPhone phones supporting the fifth generation networks later this year, and it hopes that its phone shipments will return to growth this year, after setting a goal to charge more than two hundred million devices in a year 2020, the iPhone SE successor should play an important role in achieving this goal.