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"The bathroom is no big deal, but I have more space than Alberto Nisman." Argentines are accustomed to the sometimes extreme irony of singer and songwriter Andrés Calamaro, that leader of Los Rodríguez, but for many it was unacceptable that the 'Nisman case' was taken as a joke, an enigmatic death that five years later continues to deeply divide Argentina

When Calamaro talks about the "space" in the bathroom, he refers to that January 18, 2015 in which Nisman, the federal prosecutor in charge of one of the most important investigations in the country's history, was found dead with a shot in the head in the bathroom of his apartment in Puerto Madero, the richest neighborhood in Buenos Aires. After deleting that tweet about Nisman and the bathroom, Calamaro redoubled the bet and, in a long response to his critics came to a synthesis that cannot be denied sharpness: "Nisman is Netflix ... Humor is allowed."

That humor is allowed in this case is something that many do not match, but that Nisman is Netflix there is no doubt. Timely in coincidence with the anniversary, Netflix released in the first minute of the first day of the year 2020 the six chapters of a documentary series that shows facts and protagonists for each one to draw its conclusion: murder or suicide?

"He is a guy who denounces the president and after four days he appears dead with a shot in the head," synthesizes Héctor Gambini, a journalist for 'Clarín' , former Chief of Police and one of the pens that from the first days best treats the convoluted case.

Nisman was the special prosecutor for the 'AMIA case' , the attack on the Jewish mutual in the center of Buenos Aires that left 85 dead in 1994 and that, according to investigations, was ordered and organized by the Government of Iran. In January 2015, the dead prosecutor was about to file a complaint for cover-up against Cristina Kirchner, then president, and his chancellor, the late Héctor Timerman, who had signed a memorandum of understanding with his partner in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) Iranian who took the case from the scope of the Argentine Justice. That denunciation, which Nisman anticipated in a program of great audience four days before appearing dead, divided the Argentine society, already split by many other subjects in the rales of twelve and a half years of Kirchnerism. That 2015, which began with Cristina Kirchner in power, would end with Mauricio Macri assuming control of the Casa Rosada .

"The 'Nisman case' has this classic police thing, of enigma about the mechanics of death and circumstance. Even if he had committed suicide it is a death that interrogates political power and all justice and Argentine power He leaves them naked. I do not think that Argentina can institutionally show itself as a serious country to the world if it does not resolve this case, "Gambini tells EL MUNDO.es before enumerating the large number of circumstances between suspects, unusual and unlikely that They shape the case, which shook the Argentines in a feverish early Sunday morning of summer. One of the first to enter the Nisman apartment in those hours was Sergio Berni, then Secretary of National Security and today in the same position in the province of Buenos Aires. He arrived before prosecutor Viviana Fein, in charge of the unproductive investigation in the 11 months after Nisman's death.

"The Government copied the crime scene, the Government that has just been denounced, before the justice itself enters. Evidence, fingerprints are erased ... In the zero minute an investigative disaster begins that is not resolved until today. More unusual things? In that early morning, before death was known, the records detected an explosion of calls between members of the intelligence services . Those in the area that responded blindly to Cristina spoke frantically to each other before it was known that Nisman was dead, and Cristina and Berni talked 31 times in the early morning! Five of those calls were while Berni toured the crime scene before justice arrived. "

Argentina is prodigal in cases without clarification, such as the desecration of the body of Juan Domingo Perón,

Argentina is a prodigal country in cases of unclear impact. In 1987 a commando group cut off the hands of General Juan Domingo Perón, who had been dead for 13 years. It was in the cemetery of La Chacarita, and the embalmed body was protected by a seven-centimeter thick armored glass, four locks for which 12 keys were needed, and a metal plate that covered the wooden lid of the coffin. Until today, nobody knows what happened, but with all that is serious and truculent desecration to the corpse of the former president, Nisman are major words. The United States Government is interested in few Argentine issues, and the Government of Israel is devastated by the evidence of local disinterest: Prosecutor Eduardo Taiano , today in charge of the 'AMIA case' and the investigation of the murder of Nisman ("death it did not obey a suicide and would have been produced by third parties, "the Argentine justice ruled), works with only eight people and with precarious contracts that expire every six months. A subject that, very strikingly, did not deal with solving Macri throughout his four years in the Presidency.

Many signs and suspicions point to Diego Lagomarsino , a close-trusted computer technician from Nisman who, hours before his death, took a gun to the prosecutor, who alleged he felt insecure.

"Either Lagomarsino is an active collaborator of the murderers, the man who was spying on Nisman, or is the guy with the worst luck in the world. His boss asks for a weapon, takes it away and dies with that weapon. And the services of Intelligence appears in many aspects of Lagomarsino's life. All circumstances make him appear as much more than a computer employee of the Prosecutor's Office, "notes Gambini, who points out two other facts that little and nothing is talked about in Argentina:" The Saturday, when Lagomarsino is carrying the gun to Nisman, a fire is declared in the office of entry and exit records to the Casa Rosada. Nisman had arrived in Argentina from Spain on January 12. We cannot know who entered and left of the Casa Rosada in those days. And that Saturday and Sunday some cameras of the presidential residence of Olivos stopped working. Another chance. Too many.

It was suicide or murder, the feeling is that the case did not work well and valuable evidence was lost

Gambini agrees with many Argentines in skepticism about the future of the 'Nisman case'. It has been suicide (induced suicide? As Cristina Kirchner ventured, who also spoke of murder in those confusing hours) or murder, the feeling that it did not work well and that very valuable evidence was lost reaches many. "And it is very clear that the new Government launched a plan to deactivate the 'Nisman case'. To deactivate all the causes that complicate Cristina, in reality. The Minister of Security says she will review the expertise that determined that Nisman was killed That is illegal, an interference in justice. And the chief of staff and the president ratify it. "

Alberto Fernández, in effect, said that the Gendarmerie's expert report "lacks all scientific rigor", strong contrast to what it says in the Netflix documentary: "To this day I doubt that [Nisman] has committed suicide." These were the times when Fernández defined his current vice president as "cynically delusional." Everything is different today, because Cristina gave Fernández the opportunity to become president.

Gambini is shocked at the 180-degree turn of the head of state : "I would like to ask Alberto Fernández: 'Did you read the expert report? As you read an expert report of a pending judicial case? And if not He read it, who told it? '"

More questions for a case that accumulates them by tens.

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