About 70 police officers took over this Tuesday morning a camp for Travelers near Rennes. - Twitter @ PoliceNat35

After several months of investigation by the narcotics brigade of the departmental security of Rennes, a major police operation was launched early this Tuesday morning on a reception area for Travelers in Thorigné-Fouillard, northeast from Rennes. About 70 police officers, including Raid men who came to lend a helping hand, took over the camp from 6 a.m. onwards, which has for some time become a place for dealing in hard drugs, especially heroin.

On the spot, the police arrested five people, three men and two women, suspected of participating in the drug trafficking. They were taken to the police station to be heard in this case before being placed in police custody. During the searches, small quantities of drugs as well as weapons, cash and three large-displacement vehicles were also seized.


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