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The majority praised for his "courage" the high commissioner for pensions Jean-Paul Delevoye after his resignation, considered logical by the opposition because of revelations on his undeclared activities, the left believing that the government must withdraw a reform of the "discredited" pensions.

Hailed by the majority for his "courage", the resignation of the high commissioner for pensions Jean-Paul Delevoye is considered logical by the opposition, after the revelations on his undeclared activities and mandates, the left believing that the government must withdraw a "discredited" pension reform.

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe praised the "sense of responsibility" of the minister who, stressed government spokesperson Sibeth Ndiaye, "thus decided not to handicap the action of the government" determined to carry out its reform of pensions.

Edouard Philippe also underlined "the work of conviction and dialogue carried out for two years" by Jean-Paul Delevoye, on the eve of a new day of mobilization against this project.

LREM general manager Stanislas Guerini also applauded a "difficult and courageous decision". "It shows that nothing is greater than the interest of carrying out this great social reform," he said.

The boss of the deputy walkers Gilles le Gendre expressed the "sadness and the respect" of the deputies for "this courageous decision": "Nothing and nobody will take him away from having imagined and conceived the most just and most protective reform in France since 1945, "he said.

Former PS MP René Dosière, president of the public ethics observatory, also paid tribute to "a decision worthy of an honest man". He "pays for his mistakes as well as the inertia of the government services", he judged, with reference to the lack of vigilance of the general secretariat of the government on his false declarations of interests.

- "Intenable" -

For the opposition, on the other hand, the departure of the "Monsieur Retraites" from the government was irremediable after the revelations of the press on his omissions in his declaration of interests as minister, notably concerning activities in insurance or the SNCF.

"It was time," immediately reacted the socialist party on twitter.

For the president of the Marine Le Pen National Gathering, "Mr. Delevoye's position, weakened by repeated lies and potential conflicts of interest", had become "untenable".

And, "if the government still hoped to impose its reform by blowing a fuse, it is on the wrong track" because "beyond the personal case of Mr. Delevoye, the French await a political decision in the face of a reform which they overwhelmingly reject ", she warned, calling again for a referendum.

"Finally, a little common sense," exclaimed his side, the president of Debout la France Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, ironically about the "regret" expressed by Emmanuel Macron: "Honest people will not regret it!", he launched.

For the Vice-President LR of the National Assembly, Annie Genevard, "the pitiful resignation of Jean-Paul Delevoye" is only "the umpteenth episode of a reform of retirement ill-conceived and a method flawed from the start ". She "compromises", according to her, "a real reform yet essential".

"This government again taints our Republic", denounced for his part the deputy LR Valérie Boyer ironically on "the legend" of a macronie "more moral than the others".

For the left, the resignation of Jean-Paul Delevoye should lead to the withdrawal of the pension reform now discredited.

"Delevoye has resigned. His project must go too. We want a merry Christmas," reacted the leader of France Insoumise Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

"The last oversight of Mr. Delevoye: put the reform in his boxes by leaving his office," quipped LFI MEP Manon Aubry for whom if "the author is disqualified, the text is no better".

"This political crisis is added to the social crisis triggered by the pension reform of which Mr. Delevoye is the author. More than ever, the withdrawal of this reform is inevitable", also judged the Communist deputies in a press release.

"A #RetraiteApoints project even more discredited than the minister himself," added communist deputy Sébastien Jumel.

For the PCF national secretary Fabien Roussel, "the government is cut off from reality". "Let them spend the end of year celebrations in peace, withdraw their reform at the same time as they withdraw their minister," he said, in response to Edouard Philippe who said that "everyone takes responsibility" for Christmas.

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