“This topic is not related to the presidential administration. And we here in this case absolutely do not intervene and do not have the right to interfere in the editorial policy, that they are going to show in what formats, ”the Kremlin representative said.

Responding to a statement that a joke about the Russian leader Vladimir Putin was cut from the series, he recommended contacting the editorial office of the channel with this question.

“This does not concern us at all,” said Peskov.

Peskov said earlier that there was no ban on television about joking about Putin.

On Thursday, December 12, TNT announced that it would not broadcast the series “Servant of the People” on air, calling it a thoughtful marketing move to show its first three episodes.

The head of the Gazprom Media holding Dmitry Chernyshenko commented on the situation, expressing confidence that the channel’s audience would not be offended, since it was a “marketing move”.

The Verkhovna Rada deputy from the European Solidarity Party Alexei Goncharenko said he had prepared a deputy request addressed to the President of Ukraine Zelensky on the conditions for selling the rights to broadcast “Servants of the People” on TNT.