Huawei Responding to “infidelity” for former employees of internal fraud reports December 7, 16:40

A former employee who reported whistle-blowing in China at Huawei, a major communications equipment company in China, was sued by the company and was detained by the police for 251 days. However, the company does not apologize and dissatisfaction spreads online.

According to the Chinese media, a 42-year-old employee who had worked at Huawei since 2005 reported to the department in charge about embezzlement at the workplace, and the company was asked to cancel the contract. I left the company in March, receiving a retirement allowance.

Nine months later, however, the company was sued for threatening a large amount of retirement allowance, arrested by police, and detained for 251 days.

However, from the recording of the exchange of retirement benefits that had been entrusted to a friend, the fact of threatening could not be confirmed, so he was released without charge and was granted national compensation.

On the other hand, Huawei did not apologize just by commenting such as `` If you think it was damaged, I will support taking legal measures '', and voices of dissatisfaction are spreading on the Internet that the response is dishonest The

Among them, the chief editor of Communist Party Media World Times is Weibo of the Chinese version of Twitter, “I sympathize with the former employee. Presented.

With regard to Huawei, because it has been banned from the US government, the impact of the future will be noticed as smartphone sales grew in China to support it.