It is clarified that for the nine months of 2019, violators paid 47 million rubles.

Thus, the average fine for the sale of inappropriate fuel standards amounted to 580 thousand rubles.

According to Rosstandart, in 2018 the total amount of fines amounted to 50 million rubles.

The department explained that only in the III quarter of 2019 they collected 24.6 million rubles, while in the first two quarters the amount amounted to 22.4 million rubles. The increase in fines is associated with more effective inspections of organizations-violators.

In September, Rosstandart reported that the share of falsified fuel at gas stations amounted to almost 9%.

On September 13, a member of the State Duma committee on transport and construction, Alexander Vasiliev, in an interview with Nation News, commented on reports of fuel underfilling at every fifth gas station in Russia.