Thursday is the national day against bullying school that affects 700,000 students according to a report from Unicef ​​in 2018. Anne-Lise, a 17-year-old high school student, experienced this hell in primary. Victim of mistreatment by her classmates, the girl then thought of suicide, before rebuilding herself, and now become an ambassador against harassment in her school.


"These are my worst years." Anne-Lise does not go out of her way when she goes back to her memories of young schoolgirls. The 17-year-old schoolgirl, victim of school bullying in CM1, has "bad memories" of her childhood. She regrets today not to have denounced earlier those who made fun of her. "We are very small, we should have fun", regrets the girl of Saint-Dié.

"Balloons in the head"

On this day of national struggle against bullying, Anne-Lise agrees to talk about Europe 1 bullying of which she was the victim. "I arrived at school, I was insulted big cow," begins the teenager. "In the playground, I was throwing balloons in my head." The girl is even pursued to the bathroom. "I went to the toilet, they locked me in," says Anne-Lise, who then told his daily school director. "He offered to stay in class at recess," she says. A solution that only displaced the problem. "It was not happening at recess, so it had to happen in class," recalls Anne-Lise.

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Then the schoolgirl tries to warn her school director, to no avail. "I talked about it a few times, but he was not paying attention," regrets Anne-Lise, who thought "put an end to her life". Fortunately, she was able to count on the support of her friends. They are the ones who reacted. "They said stop, that's enough," says Anne-Lise, who is now engaged in the fight against harassment as an ambassador, to collect the word of the victims.

"The isolation of the victims"

In the Nancy Academy, 220 young people were trained to what Nora Fraisse calls "watch buddies". His daughter Marion, 13, committed suicide six years ago on February 13, 2013, no longer tolerating the constant jeers of her classmates in college. "You are not saviors," warns the mother, also engaged in the fight against bullying. "You have a responsibility, but it is not to save everyone," she warns, addressing future ambassadors. "The worst thing about harassment is the isolation of the victims, standing next to them, being vigilant, that can change the situation," says Nora Fraisse.