• War. Who is who on the Syrian battle stage
  • Diplomacy: EU ministers condemn the Turkish attack in Syria but do not agree to the arms embargo

French President Emmanuel Macron has warned that NATO is in a state of "brain death" due to the lack of coordination between Europe and the United States and the aggressive actions of Turkey, one of its key members, in Syria. "What we are currently experiencing is NATO's brain death," Macron told The Economist magazine, in an interview published Thursday.

It is necessary to "clarify what the strategic purposes of NATO are," said the French head of state, calling for the reinforcement of the European Defense area before the next Summit of the Atlantic Alliance next December in London.

" There is no coordination of the US strategic decision with NATO partners and we are witnessing an aggression carried out by another partner, Turkey, in an area where our interests are at stake, without coordination," he argues to sentence. This is "a huge problem for NATO."

In these circumstances, Macron wonders about the future of Article 5 of the Treaty, which provides for military solidarity between members of the Alliance if one of them is attacked.

"If the Bachar al-Assad regime decides to respond to Turkey, what does that commit us to? That is the real question. We are committed to fighting the Daech. The paradox is that the American decision and the Turkish offensive have the same result. : the sacrifice of our partners on the ground fighting against the Islamic State, the Syrian Democratic Forces, "explains the French president.

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