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A video of Rivera and police charges to 'study' the Spanish attack on Catalonia in high school


«The official account of what is happening in Barcelona is a loop of distortions and lies. A story in which evil is personified in the separatists who want to break

«The official account of what is happening in Barcelona is a loop of distortions and lies . A story in which evil is personified in the separatists who want to break Spain, and burn the city to sow evil. It is not the first time, nor will it be the last time in which Spain UGyL [Una, Grande y Libre] is launched against Catalonia ... ». This is the last video of 'Glòries imperials', the YouTube channel that the professor of History of Spain, and director of the Institute of Secondary Education Josep María Llompart de Mallorca, Jaume Salvà , uses with his students.

Accompanied by the melody of 'Singing in the rain', Salvà collects about ten minutes of images of police charges during the last riots in Barcelona. And it ends with a speech by Albert Rivera, in which he accuses the separatists of breaking down coexistence and using violence, but to which he adds the phrase of Goebbels : «A lie repeated a thousand times becomes true». And then three more phrases: " Dedicated to all who resist accepting the lie of the official account ", "Today, he who is ignorant is of his own free will", and finally "Fascism does not come at once. We are accepting and normalizing it by fascicles ».

The YouTube channel, which appears on the 'Bloc i External Courses' section of the Institute's website, has been denounced by the association of teachers of the Balearic Islands PLIS Education, which fights against indoctrination in the classroom. They have asked the Department of Inspection of the Ministry of Education of the Balearic Government to withdraw the channel from the institute's website, and to stop using it as a complementary material of the subject of History of Spain in high school.

In the video, the association of professors points out, "only abusive actions of the police are collected on citizens who seem peaceful, avoiding at all times images of violence carried out by the CDR against urban furniture or against the police."

«This presentation of the facts, totally decontextualized, without the presence of the extreme violence of groups organized in the streets of Barcelona, ​​is unworthy of a history professor, who must try to be as objective and rigorous as possible. The director of the IES Josep Maria Llompart behaves with a lightness and a lack of unworthy rigor of a professional and worthy of an exalted independence ”, denounce from PLIS Education.

The association of professors is "indignant because these so biased approaches to history still occur in institutes."

This newspaper has tried unsuccessfully to contact Salvà, both by email and by phone. In an interview published last week in the newspaper Ultima Hora, Salvà says about his videos: «We have all had flawless history teachers. That is why I wanted to go beyond the roll of an hour of class. What works now is the image and I thought I wanted classes with more durability. I have prepared chapters of 9-15 minutes, aimed at high school students but with an informative character that can reach all audiences. Without knowing the history of Spain it is impossible to understand the current guirigay ». At the moment it has 205 subscribers to its channel.

In the interview he acknowledges that he uses them as "reverse class." And that it uses a computer program to ask students questions about the videos. «I use it in history, but this type of format is extensible to any subject».

On the name of Glòrias Imperials , he says that he uses it in an "ironic" tone, and that he took it from "textbooks of the Franco era, who wanted to exalt the greatness of the empire in which the sun never set ". Also that the idea is to "create a contrast" between what it raises in the videos "and the parody of what that was."

In addition to the video about Catalonia, entitled «Tribute to Barcelona», and which is the seventh in the series, PLIS Education has seen the previous ones. Specifically, three in which they speak of the colonizing peoples of the Iberian Peninsula .

«In all of them it is affirmed several times that the teaching of the History of Spain is still focused on the Franco style , considering Spain as a uniform nation, with unity of destiny, since the beginning of time, and that the purpose of the videos is to undo this axiom », they point out from PLIS.

«Not only does Mr. Salvà lie to his students, believing that this axiom is general in current Spanish historiography, but that he allows himself to fall into the unworthy simplifications of a historian, as in Glòries Imperials 4, where, after the second 30, he says the barbarity that the cultural and economic divergence between the coast and the interior of the peninsula, if the plateau is understood, is abysmal in favor of the coast , an abysmal difference that remains from the pre-Roman peoples until the 19th century with the invention of the railroad, that is to say, that the plateau has lived in underdevelopment until two days ago, ”they point out.

In Glòries Imperials 5, «qualifies in a parodic way the Greek democracy (which did not allow the vote to women, slaves and foreigners), of extreme right and undemocratic, incurring an unworthy vice of historian, which consists of the presentist interpretation of history , and transferring to students the idea that the past can and should be judged with current parameters.

In the 12th minute of the same video, when classifying the pre-Roman peoples into Celts, Celtiberians and Iberians, "he says of the Celts who endure a very hard life, of the Iberians, who adopt the brilliant Eastern civilization of Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans, while of the celtíberos, that is to say, of the inhabitants of the interior of the peninsula, that are the melting pot of imperial delusions mesetarios ".

In the 7th minute of Glòries Imperials 6 "he affirms that the glory-imperialist historiography has concealed the diversity of the peoples of the Iberian Peninsula, and has become obsessed with a unified national vision of the pre-Roman, heroic peoples until death, allowing themselves the luxury of illustrating all with a parade of the legion ».

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