National Tamaki representative, giving priority to succession over the Constitution

Regarding measures to ensure a stable succession of the throne, representatives of Tamaki, the Democratic Party of the National Democratic Party, indicated that they would ask the government and the ruling party to prioritize discussions over the constitution, considering it as an urgent issue that cannot be postponed.

The government plans to carefully consider measures to ensure a stable succession of the throne after the fall ceremony following the emperor's throne.

About this, representative of the Democratic Party of Japan Democratic Party Tamaki attended the “Ritual of Sokurei Seiden” at the press conference and felt a sense of crisis that the number of male royalty decreased. The discussion should start as soon as possible. "

On top of that, Mr. Tamaki said, “If it is more important than the discussion of the Constitution, and that the discussion of the Constitutional Review Board should not be postponed,” the government and the ruling party should not postpone the discussion about stable succession of the throne. I want to ask strongly. "

Mr. Tamaki also stated, “I want to proceed with discussions while asking each party to understand, as it shows the idea that the women ’s palace should be created and that male emperors should be legally possible.”

Representative Tatenami Edano "Discuss as soon as possible"

“The stable succession of the throne is what many people want, and it is the responsibility of those who control politics in this era. It ’s not a problem that can be raised, but it ’s the responsibility of history to start discussions as soon as possible. ”