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Khald did not know how to turn his life from a diligent student to study in the United States to a defendant who is serving harsh punishment behind bars.

Despite the bitterness and harsh years of his imprisonment, Yasser al-Bahri managed to overcome the ordeal of the prison.

Yasser grew up distinctly among his peers, professional football, and was chosen as a key element in the Kuwaiti youth team, but the Iraqi invasion prevented him from a sports career that many expected to be promising, and his hobby of music led him to learn to play a number of string instruments such as oud, violin, piano and classical guitar.

Yasser was barely 22 years old until a song titled "Ya Shaykhna Ya Ya Saad" was sung by Kuwaiti singer Hamad Al-Rashed on the occasion of the return of the then Crown Prince Sheikh Saad Al-Abdullah Al-Sabah from a therapeutic trip, in 1997.

Yasser's fortune remained when he decided to enter the world of commerce at the beginning of his youth. He invested his share of the legacy left by his father on the Kuwait Stock Exchange and a number of startups, which led him to great profits and doubled his money in a few years.

Yasser established with his brother Abdullah Arab cafe cost them 300 thousand dollars became the most famous cafes Florida (Al Jazeera Net)

During his studies in philosophy at Kuwait University, Yasser was excelent, to be selected after the end of the university years by the head of the Department of Philosophy personally to complete his graduate studies in the United States and obtain a master's and doctoral degrees through a scholarship to ensure Kuwait University expenses.

The beginning of the tragedy
The story of Yasser Bahri, who landed in the United States in 2001 recounts to Al Jazeera Net brothers Mohammed and Abdullah and tears in their eyes, saying that after he arrived in Boston, Massachusetts, he received a master's degree in political philosophy, and married the girl of his dreams, a cousin and his living God has two children.

Later, along with his wife and two daughters, he moved to Florida for a doctorate, particularly in the Tallahassee area, where his doctoral sister also lives and lives with her husband.

The brothers Mohammed and Abdullah complete the story, saying that Yasser found ample time, he decided to establish a business, and chose to open an Arab-style cafe in partnership with his younger brother Abdullah cost them three hundred thousand dollars, the cafe was serving eastern food and drinks along with shisha, It soon became Florida's largest and most popular café.

The café, which is located near the university edifice, now generates an estimated $ 2,000 a day, which makes Yasser happy with his success, his brother Abdullah adds.

Yasser Brothers: One of the modern workers in the cafe accused our brother of harassment and sentenced to 15 years imprisonment (Al Jazeera Net)

As soon as Yassir reached this success, his tragedy began. Yasser harassed her and raped her and filed a complaint.

Fearing that Yasser would leave the United States, the police filed a request for the judge to arrest him and prevent him from traveling. Although Yasser's relatives say that the half-million-dollar lawyer for Yasser Arafat was always promising him a quick release, all medical examinations showed the girl's innocence. The jury in the court visited the girl to judge the judge finally sentenced Yasser to 15 years imprisonment.

Seven prisons
Yasser went through a very difficult period while traveling in seven prisons in Florida, where the majority of the inmates were black and Hispanic Americans, not only eased his asylum and closeness to God and his family members to stand with him and support him despite the distances.

Muhammad al-Bahri says his brother Yasser saw many prisoners yearning to learn about Islam when they watched him pray. He had handed over more than 200 people to his hands, and he set up four Islamic libraries in different prisons through the help of his wife and family who were sending all the books he was asking for. By shipping despite the difficulties they were incurred during the introduction of such books.

Abdul Rahman al-Saqlawi: Yasser is scheduled to be released at the end of this month (Al Jazeera Net)

In prison, he learned Spanish and sign language, as well as a good command of English and a little Persian.

The prison did not prevent Yasser from writing books. During his imprisonment, he wrote 22 books, including those that appeared for light, such as "Behind the Barbed Wire" and "A thousand nights of solitary confinement" in Arabic, in addition to an English book titled "Jesus Resuscitated". .

Yasser's lawyer in Kuwait, Abdul Rahman Al-Saqlawi, told Al-Jazeera Net that Yasser is on a date with Al-Hurriya at the end of this month. He must go through deportation proceedings.

"If everything goes well and the immigration judge ruled in his favor, Yasser would return to his home country Kuwait," he said. The grant is due to the case, which he paid for 15 years of his life behind bars in American prisons. "